What is the best gun to buy for a first-time buyer?

What is the best gun to buy for a first-time buyer?

Smith & Wesson M&P 9 The modern M&P line is well proven as a duty gun, and is hugely popular in the civilian market. Especially as a first pistol for newbies. The ergonomics, minimal controls, and excellent reliability make this pistol a great choice for a bug-out handgun.

Can I buy a gun at Best Buy?

Best Buy does not ban guns at our retail locations. As a general rule, Best Buy does not post “no guns allowed” signs in our stores and we are not aware of any individual stores that might have posted such a sign.

Is Best Buy a gun free zone?

Best Buy does not have a company-wide policy prohibiting customers from lawfully carrying hand guns in our stores. Signs prohibiting the lawful carrying of guns in our stores have been removed or will be removed in the near future. We apologize for any misunderstanding this matter has caused.

Can you open carry at Best Buy?

In short, customers can carry.

Which is the best gun to buy for a first time gun buyer?

Without experience handling a firearm (even at a gun range), buying your first handgun — or even determining what defines “the best” for a first-time gun buyer can be truly overwhelming. The array of gun styles, brands, calibers — and even basic questions like pistol vs revolver vs semi-auto — are tough to navigate.

What to know when buying your first gun?

FIRST GUN: This information may be helpful if you are thinking about buying your first hand gun. Do not waste your time looking for the ‘best gun’ as there is no such thing. Everyone has an opinion, but your decision should be determined by need, not by opinion. What do you need the gun for? 1. Will you use the gun for hunting? On the farm?

Where can I go to buy a gun?

You can still find quite a few at gun shows everywhere and even at places like Gander Mountain and Cabela’s. Dicks Sporting goods is not stocking them anymore I believe. Pawnshops and gun stores also have them in stock, but you will be paying a premium now, unfortunately.

Which is the best gun to buy for concealed carry?

That said, popular concealed carry guns are popular for a reason; guns like Ruger’s LC9s, Walther’s PPS, Smith & Wesson’s Shield and their J-Frame revolvers are a good place to start when you’re making your list of possibles.If you find a gun shop with a range where you’ll have an opportunity to shoot the gun safely, that’s even better.