What is the purpose of bore Butter?

What is the purpose of bore Butter?

Bore Butter is a compound that you place above the bullet in a cap & ball, or on the ball side of a felt wad above the powder, or on the base and side of a minie ball or conical ball. It lubes the ball, softens the powder residue and acts as a barrier to the powder corroding the metal of your gun.

Do you oil a muzzleloader barrel?

I don’t oil my muzzleloader barrels. I use a light coating of Ox-Yoke Wonder Lube in my barrel after I clean the blackpowder residue out with hot water. I run one dry patch through the barrel before reloading to clean out most of the Wonder Lube.

Should I use bore Butter with sabots?

Should I lube my Sabots? T/C’s All Natural Lube 1000 Plus Bore Butter was designed as a lube to be used with traditional patched round balls (lube the patches) and all lead conical bullets like our Maxi-Ball and Maxi-Hunters. If you are shooting sabots, DO NOT LUBE YOUR SABOTS.

Can you use regular gun oil on a muzzleloader?

Re: Cleaning muzzleloader with normal gun oil/solvent? It will be fine.

Can you use Hoppes 9 on muzzleloader?

Senior Member. Whatever you usually use on your centerfire rifles will work just fine. Don’t use any solvent made for muzzleloaders. I use Hoppes #9.

What is muzzleloader bore butter?

Thompson Center® Natural Lube, 1000 Plus Bore Butter™ is an all-natural, biodegradable lubricant that contains no petroleum-based oil or additives. Bore Butter™ can also be used to field lube bullets and conicals, plus is an excellent rust preventative on external surfaces of any firearm.

What is bore butter made out of?

Bore Butter is simply 5 Parts Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 1 Part Beeswax.

Is it necessary to put a dry patch on a barrel?

Only a very light protective layer of oil is necessary. In other words after applying the oil in the barrel, follow up with a completely dry patch, it will not remove the protection layer, only the excess. More than enough oil will remain on the surface to protect the inside of a barrel for a long time.

What happens to a gun barrel after cleaning?

When the first bullet is fired after proper cleaning, there will be no lubrication between bullet and barrel and this will accelerate barrel wear. In the long run it will also drastically reduce the barrel life. Modern gun powders contain lubricants that will only start to assist with lubrication “after” the first shot.

What should I put in my rifle barrel before shooting?

Make sure the rifle is set up in a cradle with a good quality bore guide fitted. Roll a patch on an undersized copper brush and smear the boundary lubricant grease liberally all over the patch. The patch should be quite tight fitting in the barrel.

When to use JAG to clean gun patches?

When in doubt, use a cleaning jag.) When your patches come out with no trace of blue—and this may take a while if the fouling is extensive—dry the bore with several clean dry patches. A patch exhibiting copper fouling.