What is toothbrush crochet?

What is toothbrush crochet?

The oval-shaped rug resembles both a braided rug and a crocheted rug. However, a needle made from a toothbrush is used instead of a crochet hook. The needle is made by cutting the bristle end off of an old toothbrush and filing this end ‘into a point. The needle’s eye is already there on the other end of the handle.

What is an Amish toothbrush rug?

Amish Knot or ‘Toothbrush’ rugs originate in America – named because the tool used as the needle was often a wooden toothbrush with the brush part cut off. They came with a hole at the end of the handle which made a useful eye for the needle.

How do you make a basket out of a rug?


  1. Cut out the tassels on either sides of the rug.
  2. Cut the rug length-ways using one of the stripes as a guideline.
  3. Fold the rug in half and be sure that the right sides are facing each other.
  4. Cut along the fold up until the third pink stripe.
  5. Spot the center of the rug and cut again, as shown below.

Why is it called a toothbrush rug?

A “toothbrush rug” is also known as an “Amish knot rag rug.” It’s made of scrap material such as sheets or new material if you choose. The reason it is called a “toothbrush rug” is because you need to fabricate a rather large needle and an old-fashioned toothbrush is just the right size and style for this.

What’s the best way to make a toothbrush rug?

Baste the end of three strips together with a needle and thread. Pin the stitched strips to the arm of an upholstered chair or to a pillow with the T-pins. This will hold them in place, freeing your hands for the rest of the steps. Braid the strips until you have a plait about 12 inches long.

How to make an Amish knot toothbrush rag rug?

This way of joining two strips – an Amish knot – gives you something that looks like a mini necktie knot. Sometimes it’s just easier to watch an example…Barri-Jayne Makes has a wonderful video tutorial ‘How to Make a Round Amish Knot Toothbrush Rag Rug.’

What’s the best way to make a rag rug?

Easiest method I found is to cut a small slit in the ends of each strip and slipknot them together. Thread one strip through the slit you made in the other and then feed the tail of the 1 st strip through the slit you made in the end. Pull tight and voila you have connected the 2 strips together.

How big is a piece of cotton to make a rug?

You’re going to rip cotton into long strips that are 1 ½ to 2 inches wide, and about 44 inches long. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can make the pieces as long or short as you want, depending on how much ‘tail’ you can tolerate when doing the threading, and how often you’d like the colors and patterns to change.