What ship did my father served on in WWII?

What ship did my father served on in WWII?

I know that he served at the very end of WWII and helped in the rebuilding of Okinawa. He was from Cliffside, NC. His name was Dargan Delious Goode, Jr. He was a machinist’s mate, third class (CB) V6 USNR.

How can I find out where my dad served in ww2?

To find out if they have any information on your veteran, call them at 800-827-1000. If the Department of Veteran Affairs does not have any information you can try contacting the Veteran Affairs Insurance Center at 800-669-8477.

Who was in charge of the Navy in the Pacific ww2?

Nimitz, (born Feb. 24, 1885, Fredericksburg, Texas, U.S.—died Feb. 20, 1966, near San Francisco), commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet during World War II. One of the navy’s foremost administrators and strategists, he commanded all land and sea forces in the central Pacific area.

Where can I find ww2 Navy records?

Personnel records may be requested online (http://www.archives.gov/veterans), by mail (the appropriate address listed on the back of the form), or fax (314-801-9195) using the Standard Form 180.

How many Navy sailors died in ww2?

US Military Casualties in World War II

Branch Killed Wounded
Navy 62,614 37,778
Marines 24,511 68,207
Coast Guard 1,917 Unknown
TOTAL 407,316 671,278

Where did my grandpa served in ww2?

The service branch that your grandfather served in during WWII will determine where you may locate the specific unit records. We suggest that you request a copy of his Official Military Personnel File (OMPF).

What is the lowest rank in the Navy?

Seaman Recruit
Seaman Recruit (E-1) Seaman recruit (SR) is the lowest enlisted rank in the Navy, just below seaman apprentice.

What is the oldest US Navy ship still in commission?

ONBOARD USS CONSTITUTION — Commissioned in 1798, USS Constitution is the world’s oldest commissioned warship afloat.

When did my dad serve in the Navy?

Dad served on the Augury, a minesweeper built for the U.S. Navy during World War II and in commission from 1943 to 1945 Growing up as military dependents, our family members were used to getting a crisp salute from the Military Police at the gate when we entered any Naval base.

Who was the head of the US Navy during World War 2?

The United States Navy (like the IJN) had followed Alfred Thayer Mahan’s emphasis on concentrated groups of battleships as the main offensive naval weapons. The loss of the battleships at Pearl Harbor forced Admiral Ernest J. King, the head of the Navy, to place primary emphasis on the small number of aircraft carriers.

Who was on active duty in World War 2?

Estimated age distribution of enlisted personnel in World War II based on data as of 30 June 1945 was: 13. During World War II, the USNR outnumbered USN personnel on active duty by a 3 to 1 majority (from 31 July 43 – 31 Dec 45). During this period the USNR composed between 76.8% to 90.5% of total personnel on active duty.

How many Navy personnel served in World War 2?

Male and Female enlisted input from civil life, July 1941 thru Dec 1945: 6. An estimated 3,639,615 (87%) of Navy Personnel served overseas and in all probability were exposed to combat. 7.