Where is Winchester 1873 serial number?

Where is Winchester 1873 serial number?

The serial number is found on the lower tang just past the lever handle.

What is a Winchester 73?

Originally chambered in . 44 W.C.F., aka 44-40, the 1873 Winchester was the most powerful of the lever guns when it was introduced. From 1873 until 1919 Winchester made over 720,000 of the 1873. They came in 3 major different configurations and barrel lengths: 24 inch rifle, 20 inch carbine and 30 inch barreled musket.

What was so special about the Winchester 73?

Commonly referred to as “the gun that won the West,” Winchester’s Model 1873 was the first really successful centerfire repeating rifle. It was an accurate, ergonomic, reliable rifle chambered for revolver-compatible cartridges so that shooters could carry one type of ammo for both their long gun and their sidearm.

Is there a Winchester Model 1873 for sale?

For Sale is a Winchester Model 1873 Deluxe rifle chambered in .44 W.C.F. This features a color case hardended receiver, hammer & lever, set trigger, octagon barrel, full magazine, checkered …Click for more info This is an original Winchester Model 1873 Octagon Barreled rifle in .38WCF (.38-40) circa 1907.

When did the Winchester 22 cal rifle come out?

In 1884 Winchester offered the rifle in a .22 caliber. The 1873 Winchester was produced from 1873 through +/- 1919. Stamped Inscriptions: “22 Short”, “Model 1873”, “281889B”, “Winchester’s Repeating Arms New Haven, Conn. U.S.A. – King’s Improvement Patented March 29, 1866 October 16, 1860 _”

What was the date of the first Winchester gun?

1900 541329 1873 1901 554129 1873 1902 557237 1873 1903 564558 1873 1904 573957 1873 1905 588954 1873 1906 602558 1873 1907 NONE 1873 1908

Where was the first Winchester Model 73 made?

Winchester Model 73’s with 7 leaf express sights were manufactured for the India and South Africa markets and are hard to find today in the United States today. The first Winchester Model 73 Winchester’s had thumb print dust covers with 5 different ones made in the first and early second model 73’s .