Who is Marisa Ramirez baby daddy?

Who is Marisa Ramirez baby daddy?

Ramirez married Nathan Lavezoli on September 22, 2002, and divorced him in 2011. On January 22, 2016, Ramirez announced she was expecting a baby due in May. In May 2016, she gave birth to a daughter.

Who is Marisa Ramirez married to?

Nathan Lavezolim. 2002–2011
Marisa Ramirez/Spouse

Who did Marisa Ramirez play on GH?

Gia Campbell
Gia Campbell was a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital. She was portrayed by actress Marisa Ramirez from July 2000 to 2002 and Andrea Pearson from 2002 until 2003, when the character left town.

Was Baez pregnant on Blue Bloods?

A rep for Ramirez, who has played NYPD Detective Maria Baez on the hit show since its third season in 2013, confirmed her pregnancy news exclusively to PEOPLE in January. “This was a complete surprise,” Ramirez told PEOPLE earlier this year about her pregnancy. “Some mornings I wake up and forget I’m pregnant!

Was Baker really pregnant on Blue Bloods?

Not only was Hawk pregnant during production, but she also ended up going into labor in the middle of filming. Naturally, she couldn’t be on the set thereafter, but the cast and crew didn’t miss a beat.

Did Abigail on Blue Bloods have a baby?

Abigail Hawk (born Abigail Diane Gustafson; May 4, 1985 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American actress known for playing Samantha Bonner in the 1995 television series Reality Check, Detective Abigail Baker in Blue Bloods (2010–present), and Ellie in Almost Paris….

Abigail Hawk
Spouse(s) Bryan Spies
Children 2 sons

Who is the girl in Jordan Knight Give It To You video?

Marisa Ramirez, who is know a recognised actress for her role in Blue Bloods as Maria Baes – Danny Reagan’s partner, played by Donnie Wahlberg – is the girl in Jordan Knight’s video “Give It To You.”

Will Danny and Baez hook up?

But, each season, despite slowly showing more potential relationship promise, Danny and Baez have always remained just friends. Now, with season 12 on the horizon, fans are once again voicing their opinions of the partners and dreams of them becoming a couple, at last.

Are Danny and Baez dating Blue Bloods?

As a refresher, Danny and Baez have been partners since season 3. While most of their interactions have been platonic and focused on work, ever since Danny’s wife, Linda, passed away in the premiere of season 8, fans have rooted for them to get together.