Who was Anna Connelly?

Who was Anna Connelly?

She was one of the first women to register a patent for an invention after the Civil War, when women were finally allowed to file patents for themselves. Anna Connelly, one of America’s first female inventors, is directly responsible for saving the lives of thousands of people for nearly 150 years.

Who invented the fire escape stairs?

Joseph Richard Winters
Joseph Richard Winters (August 29, 1824 – November 29, 1916) was an African-American abolitionist and inventor who, on May 7, 1878 received U.S. Patent number 203,517 for a wagon-mounted fire escape ladder.

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When was Anna Connelly born fire escape?

Anna Connelly invented a fire escape that was patented in 1887. Very little is known about her personally, but from the patent, we do know she resided in Pennsylvania….What is Anna Connelly famous for?

Birthdate: September 02, 1883
Birthplace: MN (from death cert)
Death: May 13, 1924 (40) Mpls, MN, from death certificate

Who invented fire escapes dishwasher and windshield?

Anna Connelly
Charlotte Bridgwood became the inventor of the automatic windshield wiper in 1917. Fire escape: Thank you Anna Connelly! Your invention has saved thousands of lives. Connelly made this brilliant discovery in 1887.

Did Anna Connelly attend college?

Anna received her Doctorate of Pharmacy degree from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.

When did Anna Connelly invent the fire escape?

In 1887 Anna Connelly of Philadelphia had submitted a patent for her newest invention—a fire escape bridge. The precursor to modern-day fire escapes had already been invented, but Connelly’s patent was for a bridge type structure that would connect adjacent buildings at the roof line.

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Who was the inventor of the fire escape?

Fire Escape. Supposedly, the first fire escape was patented in 1766. That system was rudimentary and involved a pulley attached to a wicker basket. In 1887, an American inventor named Anna Connelly registered a patent for the exterior steel staircase that would serve as the prototype for the modern metal fire escape.

What kind of inventions did Anna Connelly make?

Little is known of Anna Connelly’s life except that she began filing patents for small inventions from 1877. Her most notable invention was a patent she submitted for a fire escape bridge—an invention that became a precursor to modern-day fire escapes to today.

How did Anna Connelly save so many lives?

A significant number of lives might have been saved if the owners of the garment factory, located in the Asch Building in lower Manhattan, had installed Anna Connelly’s invention. Fires in New York City were nothing new, but by 1900 what had changed was the height of the buildings.

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