Can I access my Orkut account now?

Can I access my Orkut account now?

Once Orkut shuts today, you won’t be able to back the photos to Google+ by logging in. Google has another option called Google Takeout which will let you download your entire profile, including scraps, pictures, testimonials etc in a zip file. To do so go to Google Takeout .

How can I login to Orkut?

Go to the Communicate, publish and share option, and choose Orkut. A new window will open: Enter your email and password in the appropriate fields, then click Login. In the window that appears, click Continue and follow the instructions to accept the Terms and Conditions.

What does it mean to be a friend on Orkut?

By adding friends in orkut, you can interact more directly with other users. Similar to other social network sites, the orkut “friends” status lets you control who can see certain things you post on orkut. When you add a friend, orkut sends a friend request to the target user who must approve to create that friend connection.

What kind of Technology is used in Orkut?

OpenSocial is the technology that drives orkut. OpenSocial is an initiative to build social networking sites around a central user account resource. With OpenSocial, companies like Google let you create a single user account that applies to several separate applications such as e-mail, calendars and instant message services.

Do you need a Google account to use Orkut?

Orkut was invitation-only for most of its first five years, but now it’s available without an invitation. All you need is a Google user account — and you may already have one if you use other Google services, such as Gmail. Orkut’s public release followed rumors that Google was thinking about buying the social network site Friendster.

How old do you have to be to use Orkut?

Orkut is a free social networking Web site where you can create a profile, connect with friends, maintain an online scrapbook and use site features and applications to share your interests and meet others. Orkut users must agree that they’re 18 or older to use the site.