How far can a submarine fire a torpedo?

How far can a submarine fire a torpedo?

This new 1.2-ton torpedo can hit a target 31 miles away. It can cruise as deep at 1,640 feet beneath the surface, or as shallow as 50. The heavyweight torpedoes launched by submarines are secret, unseen, mysterious.

What is the range of a submarine torpedo?

Mark 48 torpedo
Effective firing range 38 km (24 mi; 21 nmi) at 55 kn (102 km/h; 63 mph) or 50 km (31 mi; 27 nmi) at 40 kn (74 km/h; 46 mph) (estimated), officially “greater than 5 miles [4.3 nmi; 8.0 km]”
Warhead high explosive plus unused fuel
Warhead weight 1,000 lb (450 kg)
Detonation mechanism proximity fuze

Can a submarine survive a torpedo hit?

Short answer, no. Long answer, even if you could outmaneuver one for a few minutes, it would eventually get you because torpedos are higher speed than any submarine in service presently.

How far can a submarine shoot?

Modern submarine-launched ballistic missiles are closely related to intercontinental ballistic missiles, with ranges of over 5,500 kilometres (3,000 nmi), and in many cases SLBMs and ICBMs may be part of the same family of weapons.

Has anyone been shot out of a torpedo tube?

Nobody gets shot out of torpedo tubes, they’d die. What does happen though is swimmers exiting the sub through the torpedo tube. A torpedo tube is basically an air lock. Submarines are often used to insert special forces covertly off the coast of something they want to go take a sneaky look at.

Can a destroyer sink a submarine?

Yet the world’s record for sinking submarines belongs not to a destroyer or an aircraft carrier, but a humble destroyer escort. The USS England sank six Japanese submarines in just 12 days in May 1944.

Has anyone survived a submarine sinking?

All of the 72 crew made it to the surface but only 15 survived with the rest swept out to sea by the tide and lost. Of the Soviet submarine’s 69 crew, 34 of those who made the ascent to the surface later died from hypothermia, heart failure or drowning.

How big is a boomer submarine?

USS Ohio (SSBN-726) Trident Ballistic Missile Submarine The 18 Ohio-class boomers are the largest ever built by the United States: 560 feet (170 m) long and displacing 18,700 tons submerged, they carry a crew of 157.

Are submarines still used in war?

Since the Second World War, several wars, such as the Korean War, Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 and the Falklands War, have involved limited use of submarines. Later submarine-launched land-attack missiles were employed against Iraq and Afghanistan. With these exceptions, submarine warfare ceased after 1945.

How does terminal homing work in a submarine?

Terminal Homing is the final stage of the torpedo attack. Once the torpedo has detected a valid target, it will transmit the target location, speed, depth, and course back to the submarine’s fire control system. This data will be compared with the fire control solution. Unless otherwise directed, the weapon will enter terminal homing.

What’s the least likely scenario for a submarine attack?

The reality is that a torpedo maneuvering and hunting submarines that are frantically trying to evade is the least likely scenario in a modern submarine attack. As already noted, in a 21st Century torpedo attack, the target will likely never know it’s about to be destroyed.

What was the name of the British submarine that shot down an aircraft?

Without a doubt, one of the most unusual aircraft “kill” claims of all time is one attributed to the British submarine HMS Umbra, which is said to have brought down an enemy aircraft, using torpedoes, during World War II.

What kind of weapons are used to attack submarines?

Typically, sophisticated sonar equipment is used for first detecting, then classifying, locating, and tracking a target submarine. Sensors are therefore a key element of ASW. Common weapons for attacking submarines include torpedoes and naval mines, which can both be launched from an array of air, surface, and underwater platforms.