Is Acer a good brand laptop?

Is Acer a good brand laptop?

Acer is definitely a highly rated laptop brand but it could do better. Its success stems from its value and selection but sadly its enormous variety is sometimes a crutch for it from getting a high score. A lot of users like Acer’s premium laptops as well as their affordable budget laptops.

Is Acer made in China?

Are there any laptops not made in China? Asus, Hp, Coconics, Dell, Acer, LG, Apple, Samsung, Micromax, Sony, iBall are not made in china.

Which brand is better, Asus or Acer?

In general, Asus is considered to be the more expensive, better quality of the two brands. In the past, Acer have had a better reputation with their customer service, but this still hasn’t stopped them becoming one of the bestsellers of Chromebooks .

Is Lenovo better than Dell?

Lenovo machines are equipped with 6-cell batteries that are powerful enough to work for at a minimum of 6 hours and a minimum of 10 hours depending on usage pattern, which is even better than Dell. In terms of display, the HDR feature brings every image to life with different screen sizes; there are models with 11.6-inches, 15.6-inches, and 17.3-inches.

What is the different between Acer and Dell?

Like we mentioned before, most brands use very similar components, there are few differences between Dell and Acer. Dell seem to opt for 3-cell batteries, whereas Acer choose a 4-cell, meaning battery life will not be as good with Dell. When comparing laptops of a similar price range, Dell laptops will often provide you with a larger display size.

Is Acer a good desktop computer?

Acer is a brand known for making Windows PCs for a long time now, and if you’re looking for something that offers value and decent quality, you’re looking in a good place. Laptops, desktops, all-in-ones, and even Chrome OS PCs, Acer makes them all . Specifically, if you’re on the hunt for an Acer desktop, these are the ones to get.