What caliber is a savage 340?

What caliber is a savage 340?

The 340 was made in 30-30, and 222 Remington (and later the 223 Remington), using the same receiver and most other common parts from the 30-30 other than magazine related. The 222 receiver had a smaller ejection port opening and magazine well cut out, with the rear magazine latch was moved forward .

Are Savage bolt action rifles good?

Conclusion. Overall, it’s hard not to be impressed with Savage Arms and their remarkable Axis bolt-action rifle. The fact that they could produce a firearm so accurate and market it for around $400 is almost unheard of.

How much is a 30 30 bolt action rifle worth?

MARLIN 30 30 rifle PRICE AND HISTORICAL VALUE A MARLIN 30 30 rifle is currently worth an average price of $997.87 new and $756.95 used . The 12 month average price is $1,108.63 new and $750.41 used.

Is Savage a good hunting rifle?

Excellent accuracy and quality, simple design, affordable, easy to service and swap barrels/calibers. My first hunting rifle was a savage 110 and my favorite hunting rifle today is a savage 110. The accu trigger is a nice addition on the newer models.

What kind of rifle is Savage Model 340?

This post describes the design and shooting characteristics of a Savage Model 340 bolt-action rifle in caliber .30-30 Winchester.

How much is a savage 340 in 22 Hornet?

A friend of mine saw a 340 in 22 Hornet for $279 recently. I have a Springfield Model 840 which is basically the same rifle as the 340. Mine is a 222. I bought the barreled action at a gun show in Houston for $100.00.

What was the price of a Savage Model 110?

The newer and more respectable Savage 110 was listed at $109, and a layout of about $139 would have been needed to procure the admirable Winchester Model 70 or elegant Remington Model 700 in that year. Members of the “Get what you pay for” crowd have never spent much time with plain rifles.

How much does a Savage Arms rifle cost?

Know what your Savage Arms firearms are worth with this up-to-date 28 -page .PDF download from the Standard Catalog of Firearms. Learn pricing and values for these Savage Arms firearms: