What is a Remington Speedmaster 22 worth?

What is a Remington Speedmaster 22 worth?


Price Item Condition
$810.00 .22 LR REMINGTON 552 BDL SPEEDMASTER 22 BORN 1988 SEMI-AUTOMATIC RIFLE 21 INCH ” BARREL Jonesville, VA 24263-7747 Used
$945.00 .22 LR REMINGTON 552 BDL SPEEDMASTER DELUXE 22 NOT NYLON 541T 597 514 572 23 INCH ” BARREL Bloomsburg, PA 17815-9622 Used

What kind of rifle is the Remington Model 24?

Based on a John Browning design and manufactured from 1922-1935, the Remington model 24 is a semi-automatic rifle chambered in either .22 Short or .22 long rifle. It is very closely related to the Browning 22 Semi-Auto rifle (the Browning SA-22) which is still in production.

What kind of gun is a Remington 22?

“REMINGTON’S NYLON SERIES”” .22 RIFLES””” Models :: Gun Values by Gun Digest Bolt-action repeater, 6- or 10-round metal box magazine. Approximately 22,500 produced from 1962-1964. Mohawk brown nylon stock, with white accents, chrome spoon style bolt handle, manual right side safety. .22 Short, Long or LR.

Is the Remington Model 241 similar to the Browning SA-22?

The Model 241 is closer to the Browning SA-22 in terms of size and overall appearance than the earlier Model 24. The Model 24 uses a barrel tightening method (needed due to the takedown nature of the design in which the barrel can be separated from the receiver) that is very close to that of the Browning SA-22.

When did Remington stop serializing the.22 rifle?

Non-serialized prior to 1968 gun control act of 1968. An “A” prefix was added to serialization in 1977. Blued metal parts, dark chocolate brown stock with white accents, .22 LR ONLY. 1959-1987. Approx. 678,000. Blued metal parts, dark olive green stock (often confused with MB in artificial light) with white accents, .22 LR ONLY, 1959-1962.