What is the best lever action rifle ever made?

What is the best lever action rifle ever made?

Top 10 Lever-Action Guns of All Time

  1. Henry Rifle. Henry Rifle (reproduction).
  2. Winchester 1873. Winchester 1873 (reproduction).
  3. Winchester 1886. Winchester 1886 in .45-70.
  4. Winchester 1894. Winchester 1894 in .32-40.
  5. Winchester 1887 Shotgun. Winchester 1887 Wikipedia.
  6. Savage Model 99.
  7. Browning BLR.
  8. Marlin 39A.

What is the best caliber for a lever-action rifle?

Top 5 Lever-Action Rifle Cartridges

  1. 1. . 30-30 Winchester. This cartridge has certainly earned its position at the top of the list, as the .
  2. 2. . 45-70 Government. The oldest cartridge on this list, the .
  3. 3. . 348 Winchester.
  4. 4. . 38-55 Winchester.
  5. 5. . 405 Winchester.

What kind of barrel does a Marlin Model 39 have?

This is a Marlin Model 39 HS model with a 24 inch octagon barrel HS (High Speed) that has a bright, shinny bore. It retains about 45-50% of the original case colors on the action.

What kind of rifle is the Marlin 57m?

Marlin Model 57M .22 Magnum WMR, Lever action rifle. 24 inch micro-groove barrel, tube feed, walnut pistol grip monte carlo stock. Mfg. 1959-1969. This gun is stamped Model 57 not 57M making it an ear …Click for more info NEW THIS WEEK! Marlin Model 39M Original Golden .22 S-L-LR.

How big is the magazine on a Marlin rimfire?

Marlin Model 60 SB – .22 LR. Marlin Model 60 SB – Semi – Auto Stainless Steel Model w / 14 round SS tubular magazine, 22 in. barrel and 41 in overall lgth., weight 5.5 lbs. , groove receiver for scope. Upgraded w/ New Williams Fi …Click for more info

How old is a Marlin 24 inch octagon barrel?

24 inch octagon barrel has 95% of the original blue remaining as does the receiver. Wood is in very fine condition with some aging. Slick, smooth action. These models are seldom seen and would be a fi …Click for more info