Where can I buy a Remington Model 10?

Where can I buy a Remington Model 10?

FWIW, there is a real nice solid rib, full choke, Model 10, at the Cabelas in Post Falls, Idaho, for $329 asking price. It is a transition gun made in the 1920 time frame, right after the company name changed from Remington Arms – Union Metallic Cartridge Co. to Remington Arms Co., Inc.

What was the serial number of the Model 10?

The old factory ledger starts with the resumption of civilian firearm production after The Great War. It starts at September 30, 1919, with Model 10 serial number 172939. You can access the old factory ledger from the Manufacture Dates pick on the home page. Re: Chart of Model 10 Serial Number. Re: Chart of Model 10 Serial Number.

Is the Remington Model 10 more prone to malfunction?

The model 10 is not more prone to malfunctioning than other pumps, it’s just harder to fix. Or anyway fixing them took a special knack. As for the action not being smooth, you may want to use some oil. My Model 10’s are at least as smooth as other pumps of that era, smoother than some. Post subject: Re: Remington Model 10, value and info?

What kind of gun is a Remington 22?

A .22-caliber slide-action rifle, with 22″ round or octagonal barrel having open sights. Blued, with walnut stock. Manufactured from 1909 to 1936 in styles listed. .22 Short Gallery Model. 24″ octagon barrel. Limited production. .22 Remington Special. Light engraving. Heavily engraved. REMINGTON ARMS COMPANY, INC.

What are the names of the Remington Arms Company?

Since 1856, it has been known by four different names: between 1856 and 1888, E. Remington & Sons; 1888-1910, Remington Arms Company; 1910-1925, Remington Arms U.M.C. Company (Union Metallic Cartridge Company); and 1925 to present, Remington Arms Company. Get New and Used REMINGTON ARMS COMPANY, INC. Firearms at GUNS.COM

How old is the Remington Model 870 shotgun?

Model 870: 60+ year old design, 10,000,000+ built, still in production. Too many variants to count: field, trap, skeet, home defense. Wingmaster or Express.