Where is Sophie Germain from?

Where is Sophie Germain from?

Rue Saint-Denis, Paris, France
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When and where was Sophie Germain born?

April 1, 1776, Rue Saint-Denis, Paris, France
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Where did Sophie Germain get her education from?

École Polytechnique
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What was Sophie Germain childhood like?

Sophie Germain was born in Paris on April 1, 1776 to Ambroise-Francois and Marie Germain. Her family was quite wealthy. Sophie’s interest in mathematics began during the French Revolution when she was 13 years old and confined to her home due to the danger caused by revolts in Paris.

Why did Sophie Germain die?

Breast cancer
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Are there infinitely many Fermat primes?

There are infinitely many distinct Fermat numbers, each of which is divisible by an odd prime, and since any two Fermat numbers are relatively prime, these odd primes must all be distinct. Thus, there are infinitely many primes.

What is the largest known Fermat prime?

Factorization of Fermat numbers

F0 = 3 is prime
F4 = 65,537 is the largest known Fermat prime
F5 = 4,294,967,297
641 × 6,700,417 (fully factored 1732)
F6 = 18,446,744,073,709,551,617 (20 digits)

Where was Marie Sophie Germain born and raised?

Marie-Sophie Germain was born in Paris, France on April 1, 1776, the second of three sisters. Her father was Ambroise-Francois Germain, whose family had been in business for several generations.

What did Sophie Germain study?

Sophie Germain, in full Marie-Sophie Germain, (born April 1, 1776, Paris, France—died June 27, 1831, Paris), French mathematician who contributed notably to the study of acoustics, elasticity, and the theory of numbers.

Who was the Doctor Sophie Germain married to?

Angélique-Ambroise Germain married the doctor Rene-Claude Geoffroy (1767 – 1831) in 1809 and, after his death in 1831, she married another medical man Joachim-Henri Dutochet (1776 – 1847), a leading botanist and physiologist, in 1833.

How many brothers and sisters did Sophie Germain have?

Gray proposes that after his political career, Ambroise-François became the director of a bank; at least, the family remained well-off enough to support Germain throughout her adult life. Marie-Sophie had one younger sister, named Angélique-Ambroise, and one older sister, named Marie-Madeline.