Will a shotgun slug kill a black bear?

Will a shotgun slug kill a black bear?

Yes, technically speaking a slug-loaded semi-auto shotgun would be enough to kill a grizzly bear.

Is a 12 gauge good for black bear?

Registered. Agree with most others, that 12 guage is more than enough for bear, and I would say no further than 100yds IF you are a great shot. 50yds and under is a good limit if only a decent shot.

Can you hunt bear with slugs?

A 12 ga with slugs is more than capable of cleaning taking a black bear. That set up is used as grizzly protection. The question is having a gun like the Ithaca deer slayer or other rifled barrels that are accurate at the range you will be shooting.

Will Buckshot kill a black bear?

Yes, it will kill bear and deer. Back in my youth, the only buckshot my father had in our neck of the woods was 00 in 2 3/4″ loads.

Will a 22 scare off a bear?

22s can kill things like bears, short of brain and spinal cord shots, the . 22 may not incapacitate the bear quickly enough.

Will 00 buck kill a grizzly bear?

Also, their first round is generally 00 buckshot, followed by slugs. Their reasoning is the 00 buck will not kill the bear, hopefully it will hurt it enough to turn it away from charging. If the 00 buck doesn’t turn the bear, the 12ga slugs will kill it.

How big of a bear can a 12 gauge shotgun kill?

At close range, up to 75 yards or so, a rifled slug will take down an average-sized black bear (175 lbs) with about the same effect as a whitetail deer. Just don’t try a Grizzly or Polar Bear. used within relatively short distances, like over baitpiles, a 12 ga slug will handle most any black bear in the lower 48.

What’s the best shotgun slug to kill a bear?

Any 30/30, .270, 30-06, etc… will shoot through a bear’s skull. And that includes Brenneke 12 gauge slugs. A heart/lung shot will take quite a bit to actually stop the bear (instead of just killing it which even a .22 might actually be able to do.) Same for a bone breaking shot for the shoulder or pelvis.

Can a 12 gauge slug stop a bear?

Same for a bone breaking shot for the shoulder or pelvis. Now we are talking elephant rifles in size and power to be able to stop a bear from any realistic angle. And yes, at close range a Brenneke 12 gauge slug is close to being an elephant rifle (but it slows down so fast it looses that ability past 50 yards.)

Can a semi auto shotgun kill a grizzly bear?