How do you make money on YouTube without making videos?

How do you make money on YouTube without making videos?

How to make money fast on YouTube without making videos

  1. 1- Find your niche: Identify the type of videos that you watch the most on Youtube.
  2. 2- Create your channel: Create a new channel on your Youtube profile.
  3. 3- Monetize your channel: Now let´s pass to your content.
  4. 4- Optimize your videos:

What do you need to make a YouTube video?

The only thing you need is a good video idea. Most of us spend hours on YouTube. Some of us just watch videos, create playlists of our favorite ones and subscribe to channels. The others not only watch but also create the videos which we enjoy watching and become popular. Check out the list of 25 most-subscribed YouTubers.

Is it easy to make a YouTube channel?

Creating a YouTube channel with original video content is becoming more and more challenging. It’s even more challenging to set up your YouTube channel and promote it. To fire up your creativity and move you one step closer to your video creation process, we’ve prepared a cheat sheet of 225 first YouTube video ideas for beginners.

What are some good things to do on YouTube?

Explainer videos are used to quickly introduce a product, service, company, or app. If your company has one, YouTube is an excellent platform to feature it for maximum exposure. 6. Tour Video Let viewers peek behind the scenes with this popular video format. You can show off your room, home, office, neighborhood, or another place you love. 7.

Which is the best idea to upload on YouTube?

One of the best youtube video ideas is upload on YouTube is ‘How To’ videos or ‘Tutorial’ videos teaching about a specific topic. For example- if you know MS Excel then you can create video-like ‘Top 5 shortcuts in MS-Excel’

What do you need to make a good YouTube video?

Equipment Needed For Youtube Vidoes. Creating a YouTube video is surprisingly a lot easier than it would seem. All you really need is a camera, a tripod, a microphone, and some sort of lighting kit. The camera you choose to shoot you film with is important.

How do you make your first YouTube video?

How to record your first video on YouTube. 1. Set up your webcam or laptop such that the camera is at your eye line. 2. Go into and log in to your account. 3. Click the ‘Upload’ button at the left of your headshot, which is at the upper right hand corner. 4. Click ‘Webcam Capture’ on the right hand side.

What are some good ideas for a YouTube video?

  • (1) Make an Introduction Video for Yourself or Business.
  • (2) Create HOW TO Tutorials.
  • (3) Record or Compile Testimonials for your Business.
  • Educational PowerPoint.
  • (5) Review a Product.
  • (6) Create a Slideshow of your Sweetest or Funniest Moments.
  • (7) Create a Parody Video.
  • (8) Record a Prank.
  • (9) Make a Fitness Video.

    How to make a video popular in YouTube?

    Part 2 of 4: Providing Top Notch Content Create quality videos. No matter what else, avoid the poor quality video or your prospective viewers will take one look and move along. Make original videos. Don’t copy other videos. You don’t have to plan everything you say word for word. But have a good idea of what you’re going to be explaining or talking about. Edit the video well.