How do you replace a plug in a shotgun?

How do you replace a plug in a shotgun?

Temporarily remove the bottom piece and feed the plug through the spring. Replace the bottom piece and you are now ready to put everything back together. Slide everything back into the tube. Collapse the spring and tube contents back into the tube and replace the cap.

How to remove the plug in a Remington Model 11-48?

5 Lift rear of breechbolt. Tap firing pin retaining pin (27) downward and disassemble firing pin (26) and firing pin retractor spring (28) from rear of breechbolt. Lift breechbolt from slide. Tap out locking block pin (44). Lift locking block from slide.

Where is the magazine plug on a shotgun?

Remove the magazine spring, but leave the magazine follower in the magazine tube. Place two DUMMY shells of the appropriate gauge for your gun into the magazine, and set the “FITS ALL”Plug into the magazine tube, so it is resting on the magazine fol- lower.

What kind of plug do I need for Remington 870?

This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Remington 870, 1100, 11-87 12 Gauge Shotgun Plug. Will fit 12 gauge 2 3/4″ and 3″ camber models. Will not fit Special Field or 3 1/2″ chamber shotguns. Note: Please check your state regulations, hunting regulations, etc before placing an order with this supplier.

What kind of plugs do you need for a shotgun?

Most plugs sold are plastic and inexpensive, and advertised as being universal in that they will fit many 12-,16-, and 20-gauges. The image that comes to mind is the green packaged Remington shotgun plug that was a staple in my father’s gun cabinet, shotgun cases, and gun cleaning kits.

When do game wardens check a shotgun plug?

Opening day at least in Kansas seems to bring out the game wardens to check for compliances. One of the first things officers ask is to inspect the shotgun to make sure it has a plug. When that third shell disappears into the magazine tube, a citation is forthcoming.