How good is a 38 revolver?

How good is a 38 revolver?

The . 38 Special is one of the best revolver cartridges ever made. Because it was introduced in the late 19th century as a black powder cartridge and has not changed dimensionally in that time, today’s . 38 Special is a mild recoiling, low-pressure round that enjoys a very healthy following.

What is the most reliable revolver on the market?

10 Best Revolvers You Can Buy New

  • Freedom Arms Model 83 Premier Grade Adjustable Sights. Freedom Arms Model 83 Premier Grade is tough and precise.
  • Smith & Wesson Model 500. The most powerful revolver in the world.
  • Smith & Wesson Model 627.
  • Smith & Wesson Pro Series Model 640.
  • Smith & Wesson Model 629.

Which is the best 38 Special revolver to buy?

The Taurus .38 Special Revolver is probably going to be your go-to revolver if you need something for some good, old-fashioned target shooting. It has a good deal of accuracy and power to ensure you hit your targets quickly and with precision. 6. Smith & Wesson Model 586 .357/ .38 Special Revolver

How big is A.38 Special revolver barrel?

Widthwise, the guns run thicker than the average concealed carry pistol. But with a barrel less than 2-inches and an overall length that rarely exceeds size of your hand, the snub nose .38 Special revolver cuts a low profile. This leads to an intriguing aspect.

Is the.38 Special cartridge good for self defense?

Mild to shoot and deadly accurate at typical self-defense ranges, there is plenty to like about the .38 Special cartridge in and of itself. In fact, it’s among the most pleasurable to send downrange even in +P and out of small revolvers.

Can A.38 Special revolver be shot in double action?

This revolver is chambered for the.38 Special caliber and has a 6-round capacity. This.38 Special revolver can be shot in two different actions. The trigger pull for the single action is crisp and clean while the trigger pull for the double action is smooth too.