How much does a A300 cost?

How much does a A300 cost?

The basic fuselage of the A300 was later stretched (A330 and A340), shortened (A310), or modified into derivatives (A300-600ST Beluga Super Transporter). In 2006, unit cost of an -600F was $105 million.

How much does an A330 plane cost?

A330. The oldest Airbus widebody still in production, the A330, comes in no less than five versions. The A330-200 is listed for $238.5 million, while the freighter version costs $241.7 million, and the A330-800 (neo) goes for $259.9 million.

How much does an Airbus cost?

At 445.6 million U.S. dollars, the A380 was the most expensive aircraft model family on Airbus SE’s price list. The actual price of a commercial airplane may be much lower than that advertised on an aircraft manufacturer’s price list, though.

How far can the A300 fly?

4,000 nautical miles
With its range of more than 4,000 nautical miles, the A300-600 has the capability to fly all major regional routes of the world’s principal economic regions.

What is the cheapest commercial airplane?

As noted, the 737 is the cheapest of its aircraft, with the 737-700 going for just $82.4 million. The most expensive? The 777-9, which retails for $408.8 million.

Is Airbus A330 bigger than Boeing 777?

On the whole, it is difficult to say which aircraft is better. While the A330 family is smaller than the Boeing 777, its cost and range still make it an attractive proposition for airlines. However, beyond the first generation, the A330 no longer remains competitive compared to the extended range 777 variants.

Can an A330 fly on one engine?

According to Flightglobal, the United Boeing 777 and the Delta Airbus A330 were powered by different versions of Pratt & Whitney’s PW4000 turbofan engine. Fortunately for the passengers and crew, both twin-engined airliners involved are designed to fly for substantial amounts of time on a single engine.

How much is a Boeing 777 cost?

The Boeing 737-700, listed at an average price of just under 90 million U.S. dollars, is among the least expensive models, while the Boeing 777-9, priced at 442 million U.S. dollars, is among the most expensive ones on Boeing’s price list.

How many A300 are built?

By the time construction of the A300 ceased in 2007, 561 had been made. Many are still in service today. Today, they’re mostly used as freight aircraft, with UPS Airlines and FedEx Express its biggest operators.

Is the Airbus a390 real?

The aircraft fills a very niche market, flying lots of people on high-density long-haul routes. Since its launch in 2007, it has become increasingly obsolete in the current commercial market, and, in February 2019, Airbus officially canceled its production.

Which is the only airline still operating the Airbus A300?

Although it’s not technically a normal passenger aircraft, the Iraqi government’s single Airbus A300 does transport passengers. The Iraqi government’s Airbus A300 is the only remaining Airbus A300 outside of Iran. Photo: John Taggart via Wikimedia Commons Why Iran?

How much does an Airbus A350 1000 cost?

The embattled airline also has orders for 30 A321neos and ten A350-900s. An A350-900 costs $317.4 million according to the list price. Even if AirAsia X got them for half the asking price, that would mean close to $1.6 billion in losses for Airbus. Its sibling, the A350-1000 sells for $366.5 million.

How big is an Airbus A300-600 freighter?

Since it is a derivative of the A300-600 passenger aircraft, this freighter brings the best service standards for time-sensitive shipments. Total cargo volume available on the A300-600F is 115.7 square metres.

How much does it cost to buy an Airbus A220?

A220 The much-lauded and up-and-coming Airbus A220 comes in two variants. With a 2-3 economy configuration, the narrow narrowbody has a list price of $81 million for the smaller A220-100 version. The larger and, thus far, more popular variant, the A220-300, is listed for $91.5 million.