How much is a Sharps 45 70 worth?

How much is a Sharps 45 70 worth?

SHARPS rifle PRICE AND HISTORICAL VALUE A SHARPS rifle is currently worth an average price of $478.41 new and $226.62 used .

How much is an 1874 Sharps rifle?

1874 Sharps Rifle

Item Number Model MSRP
71005 Buffalo Hunter $3,079 More

Was Quigley’s rifle real?

Matthew Quigley’s gun is a replica model 1874 Sharps Buffalo Rifle, built by Shiloh Rifles of Montana. They are chambered in . 45-110, which is a . 45 caliber bullet propelled by 110 grains of black powder.

Where is Sharps rifle company?

Bridgeport, Connecticut
Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company

Type Private
Headquarters Bridgeport, Connecticut , U.S.
Area served U.S.
Key people John C. Palmer, Christian Sharps, Richard S. Lawrence
Products Rifles

When did the Shiloh Sharps 45-70 come out?

In a time when real long range shooting was just becoming a thing for guns. This was the “sniper rifle” of the West. I decided I wanted to go out and test some of the commercially available .45-70 Gov’t ammo and see which ones would shoot the best out of my new rifle.

What kind of rifle is the Sharps 45-70?

Davide Pedersoli’s reproduction of the classic Sharps® Old West .45-70 is inspired by rifles made by Henry Slotterbeck who immigrated to the U.S. around 1850 and worked …Click for more info .45-70, #SH7219, 22 inch barrel, blue and case color finish, walnut stack and forearm, original sights, “T X S” on barrel.

How big is the barrel of a Shiloh sharp?

Model 1877 #1 .45-70, 30” heavy tapered round barrel with Rigby Rib, semi-fancy walnut, brass escutcheons, steel shotgun butt plate, polished and fire blued screws, bone and charcoal pack harden case colors. No rear dovetail on the barrel, weighs approx. 11 ¼ lbs. Not many of these around!

Is it worth it to buy a Shiloh rifle?

Rest assured the extra cost for custom options is never wasted. It only makes an already fine rifle more valuable. Shiloh Sharps reserves the right to refuse to produce certain barrel/caliber combinations. In such an event, we will contact you about appropriate alternatives.