Is 308 enough for hogs?

Is 308 enough for hogs?

308, the . 30-06 has been one of the most widely used whitetail deer hunting rifles a long, long time. Well, guess what? It works great for shooting hogs, too.

Is the savage hog hunter a good rifle?

350 Legend chamberings, not only is the Savage Hog Hunter Rifle a really good hog hunting gun, but it’s also well suited for hunting other medium sized game like whitetail deer and even black bear. Add it all up and the Savage Hog Hunter is an incredibly versatile rifle, plus it rings in at an MSRP of $599.

How far will a 308 kill a hog?

308 at 15 feet or so through the shoulder. Enough said. Velocity is thrilling, But diameter does the real killing. We kill many boars each year some very large ones, the .

What does the Savage hog hunter rifle do?

(Photo: Andy C.) The Savage Hog Hunter is a strange beast of a rifle. Designed to take down feisty porcine invaders, in a way this rifle has a bit in common with them. It’s like the designers at Savage Arms had the “essence of hog” in mind when designing it.

Which is the best.308 rifle on the market?

But stick with me here. The Savage 11/111 Hog Hunter isn’t your average .308. Savage Arms has developed a rifle that includes all the goodies at an affordable price, and, in my opinion, is among the best bang-for-your-buck rifles on the market.

What kind of rifle is a hog hunter?

Hunters have been looking for a short-barreled, accurate, versatile rifle to handle their destructive herds of bacon, and they found it in the Hog Hunter. While a semi-automatic AR-15 might harvest a greater number of porkers, this rifle—available in .223, .308, and 338 Federal—will definitely get the job done.

How big is a savage 11 hog hunter barrel?

At the same time, the short (ish) length of the barrel (20”) means it’s handy in dense brush or a tree stand. The medium contour is also slightly lighter than a standard bull barrel, which means it won’t be such a beast to carry on an all-day hunt.