Is the Princess of Saudi Arabia a true story?

Is the Princess of Saudi Arabia a true story?

This is the true story of Princess Sultana (fictitious name) of the royal house of Al Sa’ud, the current ruling clan of Saudi Arabia. She tells of her privileged life of mind-boggling riches and of her real life as a woman pinioned by cultural fetters of gender prejudice.

Who is the wife of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia?

Prince Mohammad and Princess Sara. (SOURCE: Keyword Basket) The Royal pair got married in 2006, and by reports, they share four children. The princess did not travel around Mohammad during his tour on the US last year, so there are not much of public image to display.

What kind of Woman is Princess Sultana of Saudi Arabia?

Princess Sultana is a feminist, a woman who feels deeply about the indignity and the precarious situation of women in Saudi Arabia whose laws and fanatic customs demean, denigrate, and threaten their very lives.

Who are the members of the Saudi royal family?

The latter system, known as primogeniture and employed by the British royal family’s system makes Prince Charles followed by Prince William as the line to succeed Queen Elizabeth. The late King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud now has more than a thousand grandsons who intermarry within the dynasty to re-establish their lineage and status within the ruling clan.

How did the Saudi princess find out she was pregnant?

The princess recalls in her statement that she learned of her pregnancy only when she suffered morning sickness and, at first, confided in only her personal servants. Her relationship with the man, a Harrods employee, then became physical, quickly resulting in her pregnancy. The situation was understandably grave.

How many princes are in the Saudi royal family?

In past decades, a few flamboyant playboys among its approximately 5,000 princes could always be counted on to flaunt their riches and privilege, but most members have been content to keep their heads down and let the oil money flow. Until now.

Is the marriage of a Saudi princess a crime?

“The marriage of a princess with a man unrelated to the royal family is not considered a crime, let alone one that should be punished by execution,” the Saudi Embassy declared. David Owen, the British foreign minister, promptly expressed his “regret” that an earlier Foreign Office statement “had caused offense.”

When did Princess Diana go to Saudi Arabia?

Diana the Princess of Wales, wearing an evening dress designed by the Emmanuel’s, attends a dinner given by the Crown Prince in Saudi Arabia on 17th… Princess Diana, wearing a Catherine Walker outfit, arriving in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, November 1986.