What are the FFL classes?

What are the FFL classes?

  • Type 01 FFL – Dealer in Firearms / Gunsmithing (firearms repair)
  • Type 02 FFL – Pawnbroker.
  • Type 03 FFL – Collector of Curios and Relics.
  • Type 06 FFL – Manufacturer of Ammunition for Firearms.
  • Type 07 FFL – Manufacturer of Firearms & Ammunition.
  • Type 08 FFL – Importer of Firearms/Ammunition.

What is a Class 8 FFL?

Importer FFLs (Type 08 or Type 11 FFLs) allows the licensee to import firearms from another country. A Collector FFL (type 03 FFL) allows the licensee ONLY to collect Curio and Relic (C&R) firearms.

What is a Class 1 FFL dealer?

Type 01 FFL – Firearm Dealer and Gunsmith. Type 02 FFL – Pawnbroker and Firearm Dealer. Type 03 FFL – C&R Collector. Type 06 FFL – Ammunition Manufacturer. Type 11 FFL – Importer of Destructive Devices.

What is a Class 2 FFL?

A Type 2 FFL allows the dealer to be a pawnbroker of firearms. As a Pawnbroker a Type 2 FFL can hold a firearm as security for a loan. They’ll often have specific requirements and allowances when returning a pawned gun to the original owner.

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Which is FFL license type should you get?

Firearm Activity by FFL License Type FFL Type Firearm Dealer Type 1 FFL ✓ Type 2 FFL ✓ Type 3 FFL X Type 6 FFL X

How much does it cost to get a FFL course?

As you can see, it depends on what you want to do with your FFL. If you want to be a dealer in standard firearms (non-NFA), then you can be up and running for three years as an FFL for $250.93 (that’s $200 to the ATF, $49.95 for your Get Your FFL course, and two postage stamps at 49 cents a piece).

What can you do with a Type 03 FFL?

A type 03 ffl is for collectors of curio and relic firearms. It is NOT for engaging in business with firearms. Type 03 FFL holders may not receive modern firearms. They can only receive a curio and relic firearm for their collection.

Can a rocket FFL get a firearms license?

However, if you took the Rocket FFL course, you’ll have every detail and access to all the necessary forms in order to get your own Federal Firearms License hassle free. So, there you have it. In four simple steps, you can become a licensed firearm manufacturer, firearm dealer, and/or international arms exporter or importer.