What does Byf mean on a Mauser?

What does Byf mean on a Mauser?

byf signifies that your rifle was made by Mauser (specifically Mauser Werke A.G., Oberndorf-am-Neckar).

What should I look for in a Mauser K98?

Check the bore – many look like sewer pipes, but can clean up fairly good; many can’t clean up well at all – it may still “shoot”, if the crown/rifling’s good. Check that the stock is intact & uncracked, everywhere. THEN check for your druthers.

Does Mauser still make the K98?

The Mauser M 98 are a series of currently (2020) produced bolt-action hunting rifles. The Mauser M 98 series rifles are practically a civilian version of the Karabiner 98k, which was one of the final developments in the long line of Mauser 98 military rifles of World War II.

What does KAR 98 stand for?

Karabiner 98 kurz
The Karabiner 98 kurz (German: [kaʁaˈbiːnɐ ˌʔaxtʔʊntˈnɔʏntsɪç ˈkʊɐ̯ts]; “carbine 98 short”), often abbreviated Karabiner 98k, Kar98k or K98k and also incorrectly sometimes referred to as a K98 (a K98 is a Polish carbine and copy of the Kar98a), is a bolt-action rifle chambered for the 7.92×57mm Mauser cartridge.

What is a Russian capture K98?

‘captured’ is a term given to certain K98 rifles that show evidence of being captured/surrendered at one point in time, and used by a nation other then Germany. These nations acquired their K98s from German forces leaving them behind during WW2, or capturing them during combat with German forces.

What does the 98 in Kar98k stand for?

Is there a WW1 Mauser K98 stunner in good condition?

Deactivated German 1938 K98 JP Souer und Sohns, full matching numbers, stunner!: Here`s a stunner of a WW1 G98, 1917 dated by Spandau, just check out that woodwork (matching numbers to the gun, as are most of the parts but not all) which is in great condition with the deepest Mauser mark we`ve ever seen.

Which is better the Mauser K98 or the Lee Enfield?

From the introduction of the Mauser Bolt System with less successful G88 at the end of the 19th Century, the German WW1 G98 and then the shortened K98 in WW2 proved to be rather good. Though here at real-gun.com we may have a preference for the Lee-Enfield, there is no doubting just how well made and engineered these rifles are.

Where was the Mauser K98 Modelo 1891 made?

Excellent original condition, great woodwork, waffen stamps all over the place, original leather sling and it strips, cocks and dry fires and has correct deactivation certificate. Now here`s a stunner of a pre war, turn of century Mauser Modelo 1891, made at the DWM factory in Berlin under contract for the Argentines.

When was the Mauser K98 marksman scope made?

Here`s a stunning, 1941 dated K98 made by BCD – Gustloff Werke Aresnal and fitted with the ZF41 marksman scope (not intended for snipers, just given to the best shot in the squad). Condition is excellent throughout and it has retained its WW2 german markings.