What is a Marlin 1894s?

What is a Marlin 1894s?

The Marlin Model 1894 is a lever-action repeating rifle introduced in 1894 by the Marlin Firearms Company of North Haven, Connecticut. At its introduction the rifle came with a 24-inch barrel and was chambered for a variety of pistol rounds such as . 25-20 Winchester, . 32-20 Winchester, .

How many rounds does a marlin hold?

Marlin Model 60
Muzzle velocity 1,280 ft/s (390 m/s) 500 yards
Feed system 15 or 18 rounds; tubular magazine capacity is either 17 rounds (before the late 1980s) or 14 rounds (since the late 1980s)
Sights adjustable open rear, ramp front sight; receiver is grooved for a scope mount

Is the Winchester Model 30 30 still good?

For a rifle that road in the trunk of a car for 20 plus years, it is in really good codition, and still shoots 2″ MOA at 100 yards with open sights. If you do have or are looking for a vintage winchester, but “the blue book of gun values” or any of the books deadacated to pre-1964 winchesters.

Where can I find the serial number on a Winchester Model 30?

Word your questions properly to get proper answers. Do you mean Where can I find the serial number on the […] ? or, perhaps, What do the digits/letters in the serial number stand for on the […] ? Also, there is no rifle called the Winchester Model 30–30.

What is the serial number of the Hopkins and Allen XL No.8?

Approximate Serial Number Range of the XL No. 8, including the Navy and Police Model Year number 1877 1 – 300 1878 301 – 600 1879 601 – 900 1880 901 – 1200

When did Hopkins and Allen stop making revolvers?

The company was reoganized as Hopkins & Allen Arms Company. As of 1875 H&A made several lines of revolvers exclusively for Merwin, Hulbert & Co. e.g. the XL series however, with a double action feature and with a trigger guard. See Merwin, Hulbert & Co.