What is a Sporterized Mauser?

What is a Sporterized Mauser?

Sporterizing is taking an old military rifle and making it into a hunting or “sporting” rifle. Many of these rifles were made by the famed Mauser of Germany, and thus were known to be high quality machines that could handle high-pressure rifle cartridges.

How far can an 8mm Mauser shoot?

The bullet, being a bit larger diameter than popular . 30 calibres, hits a bit harder and hunting bullets open more reliably. A tradeoff is somewhat shorter range, but at about 350 yards for deer, it is quite useful, even with iron sights.

Is Romanian 8mm ammo corrosive?

Yes,it is corrosive.

Is 8mm a good caliber?

According to Siercks, “The 8mm cartridges are great for all medium-sized game, but I cannot say they are better than 9.3mm or 30-caliber. Their nearest rival would probably be . 35-caliber for performance.”

Is the 8mm Mauser a good rifle cartridge?

Just the same, the 8mm Mauser (8 x 57mm) is a formidable cartridge with much to recommend. This piqued my curiosity, so I took a hard look at the 8mm/Mauser combination.

Which is the best 8mm rifle in the world?

The Mauser 98 was a very good rifle, and my personal Yugo is generally held to be among the best of the breed. (Top) A Chang Kai Shek Mauser and (bottom) the 8mm Yugo. Keep them shooting with good-quality, modern ammunition.

What kind of gun is my sporterized Mauser?

The main ingredients of author’s military-to-sporter conversion were (top to bottom) a 24-inch, 7mm Douglas barrel; a semi-inletted stock blank from Bob’s Custom Gun Shop, of Polson, MT; and the action of a Yugoslav Mauser. Of course, I had no illusions of my work’s ever comparing to that of some great rifle-maker.

How big is an 8mm Mauser single shell?

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