What is difference between generator and motor?

What is difference between generator and motor?

An electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical or kinetic energy, whereas the electric generator transforms the electric energy into mechanical/kinetic energy.

What is emf in a motor or generator?

Back emf is the generator output of a motor, and so it is proportional to the motor’s angular velocity ω. It is zero when the motor is first turned on, meaning that the coil receives the full driving voltage and the motor draws maximum current when it is on but not turning.

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What is emf in DC motor?

When armature of dc motor rotates, the armature conductors move through the magnetic field, emf is induced in them. The induced emf acts in opposite direction to applied voltage. This voltage is known as back emf.

What will happen if the back emf of a DC motor absent?

If back emf of a dc motor vanishes suddenly, motor circuit will try to retain back emf by drawing more current from supply. As the back emf vanishes zero, the whole supply voltage appears across armature and heavy current flows.

What’s the difference between a DC motor and a DC generator?

Though, they both perform their function on direct current supply, direct current motor supplies mechanical power by converting the direct current electrical power whereas dc generator converts mechanical energy into direct current electricity.

How is EMF converted from AC to DC?

In the dc generator, the emf generated in the armature windings is converted from ac to dc by means of the commutator. Types of AC generators are rotating armature alternator and rotating field alternator. Single phase AC generator produces 25 KW or less.

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How is the back emf of a DC motor developed?

The back emf is developed in series with the applied voltage, but opposite in direction, i.e., the back emf opposes the current which causes it. The magnitude of the back emf is given by the same expression shown below.

What is the equation for a generated EMF in a DC generator?

But v = (2p).Y.n where p is the pairs of poles Y is the pole pitch, in meters, and n is the number of revolutions made by the armature per second. E = {φ .L. (2p.Y.n). Z}/ { (L.Y) 2b} = φpZn/b volts. Doing this every morning can snap back sagging skin (no creams). Beverly Hills surgeon reveals at home fix (no creams needed).