What is the biggest buck ever shot in Georgia?

What is the biggest buck ever shot in Georgia?

Biggest Bucks in Georgia – GON’s Top 10

Rank Score Method
1 249 5/8 (NT) Gun
2 240 3/8 (NT) Gun
3 234 6/8 (NT) Gun
4 231 2/8 (NT) Gun

Who killed the biggest buck in Georgia?

It’s official. The giant 13-point buck taken last Nov. 21 by then 20-year-old Zac Peters of Wren, Georgia, is the best typical whitetail scored in the Peach State during the 2020-21 season. It’s also the best typical whitetail ever recorded in Jefferson County.

Where was the biggest whitetail buck shot?

What’s more, the Brewster buck is also now the largest whitetail ever killed by a hunter anywhere in the world, topping Stephen Tucker’s 47-point Tennessee monarch , a Nov. 2016 buck that scored 312 0/8 inches.

Where is the best deer hunting in Georgia?

Some of the best areas for a trophy buck are located in southwestern Georgia and along the Flint River Basin. This part of the state has good genetics and agricultural areas. An overlooked area for big bucks is the metro Atlanta area, too. This urban/suburban landscape with lower hunting pressure lets bucks get older.

Can you hunt on your own land without a license in Georgia?

Landowners. Nonresident landowners owning land in Georgia must obtain a nonresident license to hunt or fish. Nonresident family members of a resident landowner must obtain a nonresident license to hunt or fish, except that nonresidents under age 16 may fish or hunt small game without a Georgia license.

Does Georgia have big bucks?

Georgia has its share of large-antlered deer but killing one can be quite the challenge. The Georgia Big Deer Contest tracks trophy bucks taken each season and has four categories — typical and non-typical firearms and typical and non-typical archery killed bucks.

Where is the best hunting in Georgia?

6 Places You Have to Hunt in Georgia

  • Glennville – Tattnall County.
  • Suches – Union County.
  • Lafayette – Walker County.
  • Newton – Baker County.
  • Jesup – Wayne County.
  • Thomaston – Upson County.

What state has the most deer?

Texas ranked first, with hunters taking 722,044 deer, compared to 341,288 deer in Michigan, Outdoor Life said. Also in the top five: Pennsylvania (333,254), Wisconsin (316,774) and Georgia (316,463). Texas has an estimated 4.3 million deer, while Michigan has about 1.75 million.

Can you shoot a deer on your property in Georgia?

It can be a little disconcerting for someone who comes from a big city, where firing a gun is against the law. But in rural Georgia, it’s legal for your neighbor to go hunting on his property.

Where was the largest whitetail deer ever shot?

The largest (and only) typical whitetail (Coues deer excluded) is Bret Dillon’s Union County buck, taken in 2004. The top Coues typical was shot in Grant County in 1981 by Victor Giacoletti, Jr. Peter Chase shot the biggest non-typical in Hidalgo County in 1941. Typical: 167 3/8 inches (whitetail) / 134 4/8 inches (Coues whitetail)

How big is the largest whitetail deer in Georgia?

“He even got his picture taken with the deer and called a warden in from a different county because he wanted him to see it.” Georgia’s state record nontypical whitetail is a 248 4/8-inch buck taken in 1998. A 240 3/8-inch deer ranks second and a 231 2/8 is third.

Where was the largest non typical deer ever shot in Mississippi?

Mississippi’s giant state-record non-typical is one of history’s famous bucks, taken in 1995 by Tony Fulton in Winston County. In 1986, George P. Mann picked up the largest typical ever found or shot in Alabama, in Lee County. Three years later, Jon G. Moss shot the state’s largest non-typical (and the 49th largest overall) in Perry County.

Where did James Smith shoot the state record deer?

James Smith did the same in 1992 when he shot his giant Warren County deer, which sits at No. 63 all time. Chad Scyphers took the state-record typical in 2014 in McDowell County. Charles McLaughlin shot the non-typical record in Wayne County in 1997.