What is the definition of the word derringer?

What is the definition of the word derringer?

A derringer is a small pistol with a short barrel and a powerful pop. Because of its size, this handgun is easy to conceal. It’s the kind of gun someone in an old movie would hide in her beaded purse. This handgun was named for its inventor, Henry Deringer, who died in 1869.

What is a derringer used for?

A derringer is generally the smallest usable handgun of a given caliber. They were frequently used by women, because they are easily concealable in a purse or as a stocking gun. Such weapons designed specifically for women were called “muff pistols”, due to their compact size enabling them to be carried in a muff.

What is de rigueur mean?

out of strictness
In French, de rigueur means “out of strictness” or “according to strict etiquette”; one definition of our word rigor, to which rigueur is related, is “the quality of being strict, unyielding, or inflexible.” In English, we tend to use de rigueur to describe a fashion or custom that is so commonplace within a context …

What does malfeasance mean in English?

wrongdoing or misconduct
: wrongdoing or misconduct especially by a public official The investigation has uncovered evidence of corporate malfeasance.

What are the meanings of a derringer name?

Derringer Name Meanings. What Does My Name Mean? You are strong in material matters, determined and stubborn. You have good business ability. You are a good worker, steady and practical, a builder who takes responsibility well. These qualities may bring you a position of authority and power.

What does a derringer short barreled pistol mean?

What does derringer mean? A short-barreled pistol that has a large bore and is small enough to be carried in a pocket. (noun)

What is the last name of Henry Derringer?

The term derringer is a generalized misspelling of the last name of Henry Derringer, a famous 19th-century maker of small pocket pistols.

Are there any companies that still make Derringer pistols?

There are about a dozen companies around the work that still make the much loved Derringer pistols.