What is the use of ResultSetMetaData interface in Java?

What is the use of ResultSetMetaData interface in Java?

Interface ResultSetMetaData. An object that can be used to get information about the types and properties of the columns in a ResultSet object.

What is metadata in Java with example?

Metadata in Java is used to know the data about data. It means for example table field names, field data type, field data type length, database table names, number of databases that existed in the specific database, etc.

What is the different between ResultSet and ResultSetMetaData?

A ResultSet always maintains connection with the database. A RowSet can be connected, disconnected from the database. It cannot be serialized. A RowSet object can be serialized.

Do we need to close ResultSetMetaData?

You should explicitly close Statements , ResultSets , and Connections when you no longer need them, unless you declare them in a try -with-resources statement (available in JDK 7 and after). Connections to Derby are resources external to an application, and the garbage collector will not close them automatically.

What is DatabaseMetaData in Java?

Java DatabaseMetaData interface. DatabaseMetaData interface provides methods to get meta data of a database such as database product name, database product version, driver name, name of total number of tables, name of total number of views etc.

What is Type_scroll_insensitive in Java?

TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE means that the ResultSet can be navigated (scrolled) both forward and backwards. You can also jump to a position relative to the current position, or jump to an absolute position. The ResultSet is insensitive to changes in the underlying data source while the ResultSet is open.

What happens if you close the ResultSet object?

you will get a SQLException, because only Statement objects can close ResultSetsD. the ResultSet, together with the Statement which created it and the Connection from which the Statement was retrieved, will be closed and release all database and JDBC resourcesAnswer: B.

What happens if we don’t close prepared statement?

Say if you don’t close a transaction or a connection, performance issues or even stability issues will occur both on the database server side as well as on the clients side. The limits on open cursors per session can be exceeded by not closing a result set or a statement.

How is the resultsetmetadata interface useful in Java?

Java ResultSetMetaData Interface. The metadata means data about data i.e. we can get further information from the data. If you have to get metadata of a table like total number of column, column name, column type etc. , ResultSetMetaData interface is useful because it provides methods to get metadata from the ResultSet object.

How to get the resultsetmetadata object in JDBC?

ResultSetMetaData provides the data about the ResultSet object. It will provide all necessary information about the data available in ResultSet. We can get the ResultSetMetaData object by calling getMetadata () method on ResultSet object. Here is the complete example for ResultSetMetaData in JDBC.

Where do I find the resultset in Java?

ResultSet Interface is present in the java.sql package. It is used to store the data which are returned from the database table after the execution of the SQL statements in the Java Program. The object of ResultSet maintains cursor point at the result data. In default, the cursor positions before the first row of the result data.

What does the constant mean in resultsetmetadata Java?

The constant indicating that the nullability of a column’s values is unknown. Gets the designated column’s table’s catalog name. Returns the fully-qualified name of the Java class whose instances are manufactured if the method ResultSet.getObject is called to retrieve a value from the column.