What kind of choke does Savage Model 220 have?

What kind of choke does Savage Model 220 have?

While the companion model 220 shotgun was made in 410, 28 ga, 20 ga, 16 ga, and 12ga. There was also a 220P and a 220AC. These were simply regular shotguns that had factory installed Polly Choke for the “P”, or Savage Accura Choke for the “AC”.

When did the Savage 220 AC 12 gauge come out?

For 1955, Savage added a 36-inch barrel 12-gauge to the Model 220 offerings. For 1956, Savage added a 12-gauge Model 220-AC with the Savage Adjustable Choke for an overall barrel length of 27-inch. And so it remained through the 1950s. For 1960, the Model 219 was back in .22 Hornet and .30-30 Winchester.

How much does a savage 220 shotgun cost?

In 1961, Savage Arms Corp. moved to their new factory in Westfield, Mass., but the 28-gauge Model 220 didn’t make the move, nor did the 32″ and 36″ 12-gauge barrels for the Model 220. THE PRICE OF THIS Shotgun is $199.95 (if paying by cashier’s check or Money Order…

Is there such a thing as a poly choke?

Poly-Chokes with wrench. Illustration courtesy of Poly-Choke. The Poly-Choke adjustable “one choke does it all” has been around since the 1920’s, a choke type that was one time considered high-tech, as evidenced by the many old Model 12 and A-5 shotguns out there so-equipped.

When did the Savage single shot shotgun come out?

General Information : These series of guns are basically a hammerless version of the popular model 94 single shot hammer type shotgun, with many parts interchangeable. Information available says they were made from 1938 to 1965 in four different variations/series.

When did the Savage 220 slug gun come out?

In 2010, Savage debuted the bolt-action 20-gauge 220 shotgun— and saved the shoulders of all us slug-county deer hunters. It’s old news now, but advances in 20-gauge slug design coupled with good 1:24 twist barrels quickly outdated the 12-gauge as a slug gun.

What kind of firing pin does a savage 220 use?

The 220 and 220A used an in-line heavy mainspring activated firing pin. The 220 and 220A were very similar EXCEPT the 220A used a different firing pin, sear and trigger. There is evidence of a model 219C, (one for sale) but no documentation can be found, even in the factory parts list.