What kind of gun is eastern arms made?

What kind of gun is eastern arms made?

I inherited an old .410 Single shot labeled “Eastern Arms”. Based on the trigger guard, I believe it may be manufactured by Iver Johnson as it matches the Champion. Any idea what year Iver Johnson made guns for Sears?

How big is a 12 gauge single shot?

I just got a 12ga 3″ chamber single shot. the only thing on the barrel it says Proof Tested 12 Gauge. on the other side it says Selected Forged Steel.

What was the name of the Sears Shotgun Company?

Company’s that furnished shotguns for Sears under the Eastern name, Iver Johnson ( one year ), Stevens, Meriden and Crescent. One thing for certain, your shotgun never left the factory with a 3 inch chamber. Unless some one would go to the expense of having the chamber lengthen, it is 2 3/4 chamber.

What was selected forged steel used on Steven shotguns?

IIRC, ( probably not ) the wording ‘ Selected Forged Steel ‘ was used on Steven shotguns. thanks again. Stevens sure made a lot of guns under different names. apparently i have a closet load of Stevens and din’t even know it. I think your right about the select forged steel because my Stevens 16 single has the same words in the same location.

Is the eastern Arms Company a Sears brand?

FWIW, one poster on another site denies Eastern was a Sears brand, saying it was a trade name used by a hardware distributor of that name. One thing is sure, the history of all those trade names and brand names will never be fully known.

Are there any 410 gauge shotguns for sale?

American Arms – Side Lock Ejector – .410 Bore – Long LOP – Checkered Butt! This outstanding 410 ga. Shotgun was made in 1966 with 28″ barrels with 3″ chambers marked Skt.&Skt., but measures tighter like IC or Mod. It is in as new, all original condition show …Click for more info $5950. Plus shipping

How big is Gary Stevens 12 gauge shotgun?

As far as Gary’s specific shotgun, he has relayed to me that the barrel is now 30″ in length. Originally, his shotgun was likely a J. Stevens Arms Company Model 94 12 Gauge Single-Shot Break-Open copy. This means the barrel more than likely was 32″ long when it left the factory.

What kind of pistol is a top break?

A US Revolver Co. top break pistol with serial # 73900 in all 3 areas; grip, trigger guard, and strap. I don’t know anything about small hand guns, but from reading these posts and others, I believe it is a small frame 32 caliber. Was thinking about trying it out, but concerned after reading the posts on smokeless ammunition.

What are the numbers on a top break revolver?

The last three numbers are 137, and after a closer look the number on the trigger guard is 36137, therefore all numbers do match. Here is a picture with the grip removed. Would you still say 1907-1908…..and what would be the approximate value?