What was the Marlin Model 1893 lever action rifle made for?

What was the Marlin Model 1893 lever action rifle made for?

MARLIN FIREARMS CO. Model 1893 Lever-Action Rifle :: Gun Values by Gun Digest First rifle Marlin designed for, then new, smokeless powder cartridges. Chambered for .25-36, .30-30, .32 Special, .32-40 and .38-55. Offered standard: round or octagonal barrel in lengths of 24″ to 32″; buckhorn rear and blade front sights.

Is the Marlin Model 36 lever action gun safe?

The Marlin Model 36 has a rich history in the gun world. Among the last of the old school Marlins, the Model 36 will bring the classic old world charm of the lever action guns with the reliability and safety of the newer guns. Pick one up and hold it at the next gun show you find one at. It will speak to you.

When did the Marlin Model 36 come out?

The Model 36 is becoming harder to find all the time, and the old square bolt design is becoming collectible. In 1936 Marlin introducted the Model 1936, derived from the older 1893. The Model 36 soon became the Model 36 as we see it here.

Is the Marlin Model 36 an iron sight gun?

With plenty of 30-30 ammo, the Model 36 can be a daily shooter. With the 24″ barrel it is very accurate for an iron sight gun. Also available in 20″ carbine, you should be able to find the gun that fits your shooting style without looking too hard. It is always nice to have a new gun, but the old guns are the ones with the history.

When did the First Marlin Model come out?

(Including Models 1881, 1888, 1889, 1891, 1892, 1893, 1894, 1895 and 1897.) Note that records are chaotic as all models were numbered in a single serial number range, and numbers are often duplicated, and the dates recorded are apparently shipping dates, not dates of manufacture.

What are the serial numbers on a Marlin?

Note that records are chaotic as all models were numbered in a single serial number range, and numbers are often duplicated, and the dates recorded are apparently shipping dates, not dates of manufacture. Brophy studied the records and came up with the following as dates of manufacture.

What kind of guns did John Marlin make?

MARLIN FIREARMS CO. Established by John Mahlon Marlin in 1863. Marlin manufactured pistols until 1875, when he began production of Ballard rifles. In 1881, he made his first lever-action repeating rifle for which his company became famous.

Is there a Marlin 30 lever action for sale?

Up for sale is a used Marlin 1893 Rifle (.30-3 Win.). This item has a 24” octagon barrel and wood stocks. Inspection with a bore scope shows light pitting in the bore, the rifling (read more)

When to take a Marlin Model 1897 rifle apart?

1 Marlin Model 1897. Marlin Model 1897 Disassembly. Introduction. This is a manual for taking apart a Marlin model 1897 22 caliber rifle. It is primarily intended for someone taking apart the rifle for the first time, when it is probably dirty and most of the screw threads are stuck. Of course it can also be used for disassembling a clean rifle.

When did the Marlin Model Change to Model 93?

The model marking did not change from Model 1893 to Model ’93 in 1905 as stated in the Brophy book. We now know that it did not change until about 1920 when the war was over and the Marlin Firearms Corporation started making sporting arms after the war.

What kind of steel was used for the Marlin 1893?

(This is a veiled reference to the Marlin 1893’s main competition, the Winchester Model 1894. The 1894 also used a higher strength alloy called Nickel Steel for rifle barrels in the smokeless calibers 30-30 and 25-35 but opted for standard grade steels for their black powder rifles in 32-40 and 38-55).

When did the Marlin Model 1892 come out?

This was followed by a Model 1892, made from 1895 to 1916. It was similar to its predecessor but had improved features such as a more efficient ejector and broader firing pin.

What kind of rifle was the Marlin Model 336?

The iconic Model 336 was essentially a Model 93 but with a modern stock configuration. It retained the solid-frame receiver and carried on the “Marlin look.” While centerfire rifles were certainly the staples of the company’s business, John Marlin also recognized the need for rimfire repeaters.


What was the year of the Savage barrel?

I have a Savage 1899 “C” (half octagon 26″ barrel) manufactured in 1899 per serial number 14XXX. Its’ about 75-80%. … read more

What is the price of a Marlin 1895?

Marlin 1895 45/70 cal sn: 23079900 Mint overall Marlin 1895 45/70 cal sn: 23079900 Mint overall and possibly unfired]

What is the value of a 303 Savage, Model 1899?

Last patent date june 1 1909. its a model 1899 … read more Value of Savage .303 1899, straight lever, octogan barrel, very good condition, serela # XXXXX the 5000s. Thanks … read more I have an 1895 savage, 303 with saddle ring and letter from savage saying it is an 1895 not 1899.

Who are the owners of Marlin Firearms Company?

MARLIN FIREARMS CO. Marlin, along with its subsidiaries Harrington & Richardson/NEF, are now owned by Freedom Group Family of Companies. BALL & WILLIAMS BALLARDS MERRIMACK ARMS CO. AND BROWN MANUFACTURING CO. (BALLARDS) MODEL 336 MODEL 39 MODEL 900 SERIES MARLIN BOLT-ACTION SHOTGUNS

What was the First Marlin side eject rifle?

Marlin’s first side-eject solid-top rifle. Chambered for .25-20, .32-20, .38-40 and .44-40 cartridges. Features octagonal or round barrels in lengths from 24″ to 32″, lever latch and buckhorn rear and blade front sights. Finish blued, with case colored hammer, lever and buttplate. Plain walnut stock is varnished.

Are there any Marlin 30-30 lever action rifles?

EXTREMELY RARE, ONE OF A KIND MARLIN PROTOTYPE EXTREMELY RARE, ONE OF A KIND MARLIN PROTOTYPE RIFLE. Cal. 45-70. NSN. Only mark on entire rifle is on top of receiver in tiny letters “L.L. HEPBURN”. *Marlin Model 336SS 30 / 30 Lever Action *Marlin Model 336SS 30 / 30 Lever Action Rifle Like New In Box with factory accessories.

How much does a Marlin Model 25 rifle cost?

What is a MARLIN MODEL 25 rifle Worth? A MARLIN MODEL 25 rifle is currently worth an average price of $444.22 used . The 12 month average price is $442.53 used.

What was the serial number of the First Marlin?

We know that Marlin started with serial number 1 and used numbers consecutively for all models up to 355,500 in December of 1906. We also know now that the serial numbers ran above 450,000 ( I have Brophy’s notes he kept on known serial numbers ).

When did the Marlin 442, 000 gun come out?

We also know that a serial number in the 442,000 range was shipped in the “fall of 1913” per the 1915 Marlin catalog because the gun mentioned in the catalog is known. If you will look him up and some of his posts, Parley Baer was tracking serial numbers of guns during this era.

When was the Marlin Model 20A 22 made?

Marlin Model 20A .22, 24 inch octagon barrel, cresent butt plate, mfg. from 1911-1922 , This one was made about 1916. All rifles were drilled and tapped at the factory.

What’s the serial number of a 1889 Marlin rifle?

EXCEEDINGLY RARE 1889 .38-40 RIFLE WITH 30″ OCTAGON BARREL WITH FACTORY LETTER, ONLY 165 MADE IN THIS LENGTH. Serial number 83XXX has a Cody Firearms Museum letter stating that this .38 cal …Click for more info 1881 Marlin Thin Frame, 38-55.