Who did Sara Evans marry?

Who did Sara Evans marry?

Jay Barkerm. 2008
Craig Schelskem. 1993–2007
Sara Evans/Spouse

Do Sara Evans and Jay Barker have children together?

Jay and Sara’s Combined Family in 2012 Their fourteen year union produced three beautiful children, Avery Jack (1999), Olivia Margaret (2003), and Audrey Elizabeth (2004). Check out the adorable sibling trio in a throwback snapshot below!

Who did Sara Evans date?

Evans married Craig Schelske, an aspiring politician, on September 25, 1993. They have three children: Avery Jack (born August 21, 1999), Olivia Margaret (born January 22, 2003) and Audrey Elizabeth (born October 6, 2004).

Is singer Sara Evans still married?

“On Thursday, October 12, 2006 country music singer-songwriter Sara Evans filed for divorce from her husband Craig Schelske. Recent events that shed light on the status of her marriage prompted Ms. The couple has been married since 1993. They have three children (ages 7, 3 and 2).

What was Sara Evans first song?

At eight years old, Evans was involved in a car accident. She was seriously injured and required multiple surgeries. Around two years on, she created her first song, called ‘I’m Gonna Be the Only Female Fiddle Player in Charlie Daniels’ Band’. The track was a clear nod to country singer Charlie Daniels.

Does Sara Evans have a son?

Avery Jack Schelske
Sara Evans/Sons

What does Jay Barker do for a living?

Radio personality
American football player
Jay Barker/Professions

What happened to Sarah Evans?

Evans now lives in Nashville with her husband Jay after more than a decade spent in his home state of Alabama.

What happened to Sara Evans country singer?

I don’t wanna make her feel bad about that, but it did happen,” Evans says. “Hopefully that won’t offend her, but we’re kind of an easily offended family and we have a hard time talking things through.” Evans now lives in Nashville with her husband Jay after more than a decade spent in his home state of Alabama.

What song made Sara Evans famous?

No Place That Far
In 1998, Evans saw her first breakthrough hit with “No Place That Far,” the title track off her sophomore album. The song itself is a beautiful piano ballad that features Evans’ delicate vocals at the forefront as she sings of her greatest fear — waking up without her love near her.

Does Sara Evans still live in Birmingham?

In July 2019, Evans and her family moved back to Nashville, drawn by the ease of conducting her career in music back in the music capital. Evans lives in Nashville full-time. Barker spends part of his time in Nashville but lives primarily in Birmingham due to his responsibilities hosting his radio show, Evans said.

Did Sara Evans pass away?

While at home with Clay one day listening to her favorite song, Sara went to get a glass of grape-flavored Kool-Aid but collapsed and died suddenly from an aneurysm. Her death severely affected Clay who took his wedding ring from his finger, placed it on hers, and promised never to love again.

Who are the people Sara Evans was involved with?

Country star Sara Evans’ husband is asking the singer in a court filing whether she was romantically involved with nearly a dozen people, including Kenny Chesney, Richard Marx and former “Dancing With The Stars” partner Tony Dovolani.

Who is Sara Evans married to in real life?

Sara Evans is married to Jay Barker. Jay is a retired professional American football player; he is currently a Birmingham radio host. They married on June 14, 2008 in Franklin, Tennessee, US, with their children as their attendants.

What kind of music does Sara Evans sing?

Who is Sara Evans? Sara Evans is an award-winning American country music singer and songwriter. Sara is widely recognized for her albums such as Born to Fly, Real Fine Place and Stronger.

Who is Sara Evans second husband Jay Barker?

Sara Evans and second husband Jay Barker are proof that sometimes second time’s a charm. The country music star and the former Alabama football player have been happily married since 2008 after connecting over the pain of their divorces.