Did Okinawa use Agent Orange?

Did Okinawa use Agent Orange?

Evidence of Agent Orange on Okinawa VA maintains that it has no credible evidence of Agent Orange use, storage, testing, or transportation in Okinawa, and thus no evidence to support claims of exposure to Agent Orange during military service in Okinawa.

Was the C 130 used in Vietnam?

They were used in Vietnam from 1962-1970. Beginning in 1965, the C-130 Hercules with its four turbo-prop engines, superior 15-ton payload, and its ability to rapidly offload palletized cargo dominated airlift operations in Vietnam. As ground combat increased, so did airlift requirements.

How were soldiers transported to Vietnam?

During the Vietnam War, the women who served on special Pan Am flights flew into a war zone to transport soldiers. The 707 was a first-generation long-distance jet with four engines, but it could fly on just three. In an all-economy configuration, it could carry 180 GIs.

What planes did Agent Orange spray in Vietnam?

TCDD, the toxic substance in Agent Orange, may be inhaled as an aerosol or ingested by contaminated food or water or from hand-to-mouth transfer. During the Vietnam War, the U.S. Air Force used C-123 aircraft to spray Agent Orange to clear jungles that provided enemy cover in Vietnam.

How do you know if you were exposed to Agent Orange?

There is a direct link between exposure to herbicides like Agent Orange and chloracne. This condition causes severe blemishes on the face, like nodules, cysts, and blackheads. Some other areas of the body, like the neck and groin, may also become affected.

Was Okinawa part of Vietnam War?

1965–1972 (Vietnam War) Between 1965 and 1972, Okinawa was a key staging point for United States in its military operations directed towards North Vietnam.

Can a C-130 carry a tank?

Cargo can be accessed at both ends of the aircraft. It has a maximum payload capacity of 130 t. It can carry two M1A2 Abrams main battle tanks, or 7-10 8×8 armored vehicles (Stryker or LAV-25), or 16 HMMWVs.

Can a C-130 takeoff from an aircraft carrier?

From the accumulated test data, the Navy concluded that with the C-130 Hercules, it would be possible to lift 25,000 pounds of cargo 2,500 miles and land it on a carrier. Even so, the idea was considered a bit too risky for the C-130 and the Navy elected to use a smaller COD aircraft.

How did most soldiers get to Vietnam?

Travel to and from Vietnam was made possible by US Military Airlift Command (MAC) flights or US civilian airlines chartered by the US military. Flights were over the Pacific. Early in the war most were transported by MSTS transport ships. Later, most were air transported.

What is the best airline to fly to Vietnam?

The most helpful airlines for flights to Vietnam are:

  • Cathay Pacific.
  • Japan Airlines.
  • Korean Air (round-trip flights only)

How was Agent Orange applied in Vietnam?

About Agent Orange: Agent Orange was one of a class of color-coded herbicides that U.S. forces sprayed over the rural landscape in Vietnam from 1961 to 1971 to defoliate trees and shrubs and kill food crops that were providing cover and food to opposition forces.

How was Agent Orange deployed in Vietnam?

Agent Orange is a mixture of herbicides used during the Vietnam War by the U.S. military to defoliate forests and clear other vegetation. This herbicide mix was deployed in urban, agricultural, and forested areas in Vietnam to expose the enemy and destroy crops.

When was Agent Orange used on Okinawa Air Force bases?

In this case, the Veteran served at Air Force bases on Okinawa in the mid- to late-1950s. He reported that he was exposed to 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T while working on the flight lines, as the chemicals were used to control vegetation. To support his claim, the Veteran provided newspaper articles, testimony, and research.

Where was the C-130 assigned to in 1970?

During the summer of 1970, I was assigned to the U.S. Air Force 374th Tactical Airlift Wing (374th TAW) at Ching Chuan Kang Air Base (CCK), Taiwan, as a C-130 master crew chief. It was designated as an “unaccompanied assignment,” which meant family members were not authorized to accompany the airmen stationed there.

Where was Agent Orange used in the Vietnam War?

Confirmed: Two more U.S. veterans who believe they were exposed to Agent Orange on Okinawa have been awarded compensation from the U.S government. Since the summer of 2013, more than 100 rusty barrels have been unearthed from land in Okinawa City which was formerly part of Kadena Air Base, the Pentagon’s busiest base during the Vietnam War.

Where did the herbicide Agent Orange come from?

“The Veteran served as an Air Force Security Policeman on Kadena Air Force Base (AFB), specifically Camp Kinser, located in Okinawa, Japan. The Veteran alleges that while stationed in Okinawa, barrels of herbicide agents were sent from Vietnam to Okinawa before being taken to Johnston Island (Atoll)…