Does Windows 98 have System Restore?

Does Windows 98 have System Restore?

Unfortunately, there is no system restore in Windows 98. Windows ME and XP were the only Operating Systems lucky enough to get the system restore feature.

What is the Windows 98 font?

MS Sans Serif
MS Sans Serif is the default system font on Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98, and Windows ME. A Euro symbol was added to this font for the release of Windows 98.

How long did Windows 98 last?

Windows 98

Preceded by Windows 95 (1995)
Succeeded by Windows Me (2000)
Official website Windows 98 at the Wayback Machine (archived October 12, 1999)
Support status
Mainstream support ended on June 30, 2002 Extended support ended on July 11, 2006

How do you reset a Windows 98?

Windows 98

  1. While pressing and holding Ctrl , restart your computer.
  2. At the command prompt, enter scanreg /restore .
  3. Click a registry entry that has the word “Started” next to the date, and then press Enter .
  4. Press Enter again to restart your computer.

How to troubleshoot startup problems in Windows 98?

To do so, first check your CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files for any real mode drivers that the system might be loading. Use your text editor to REM out any real mode drivers that you find. Then open the Control Panel and double click the System icon. When the System Properties sheet opens, locate the Device Manager.

What to do if you Cant get into Windows 98?

If you cannot get into Windows, and removing or uninstalling a program or changing a setting may help you access Windows, boot the computer into Windows 98 Safe Mode. How to open Safe Mode. If you were unable to resolve your issue through Safe Mode, restore the registry using scanreg.

How do I fix the Windows 98 communication box?

make sure you have your WINDOWS 98 INSTALL DISK. open add/remove programs and find the “windows setup” files, uncheck “Communication” box and click ok. open add/remove programs, stc. and recheck the “communication” box. Reboot. if it’s still busted, let us know. Sorry for the delay in replying – hectic week. Ran the WINSOCK fix.

Why are there so many errors on Windows 98?

Many times utilities such as virus programs may load when Windows first starts and cause errors to occur. If you believe the startup errors are associated with another program, refer to our basic software troubleshooting. Make sure Windows 98 is up-to-date by checking Microsoft Windows update page.