How can I remove my name from Google search?

How can I remove my name from Google search?

Remove your personal information from Google. Google Search shows information gathered from websites across the web. The best way to remove information about yourself in Google’s search results is to contact the website owner who published the information. If they remove it, Google won’t find the information to list in search results.

How to remove personal information from Google search?

To speed up the process of removing it from Google Search, use the Outdated Content Removal tool. If you are unable to have a website remove material, Google may remove personal information that creates significant risks of identity theft, financial fraud, or other specific harms. Here is more advice about common removal requests:

How to remove a link from Google search?

If you want to remove a photo, profile link, or webpage from Google Search results, you usually need to ask the website owner (webmaster) to remove the information.

How can I get my website removed from Google?

Use the Google site removal tool after the content has been taken down. If the site owner cooperates and removes the content, it may still appear in Google’s search results. While this will eventually go away, you can speed up the removal process by filing to have that URL removed from the search results.

Can I remove my name from Google search engine?

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    How do you remove information from Google?

    To remove information from Google search Go to the Remove outdated content page (login to your Google account if you aren’t) In the “Enter URL of outdated content” box, paste the URL of the page to be removed. Click Request removal. If you see the message “This content is gone,” click Request removal.

    How do you remove URL from Google search?

    Here’s how to remove a URL using Google Search Console: Visit the Remove URLs tool here: Select your website under “Please select a property” Click the grey button, enter your URL and click “Continue” Click “Submit Request”

    How can I remove my images from Google search?

    To remove these images from search results, follow these steps: Search on for the image you want to find. Select the image link by right clicking on the image thumbnail and choosing Copy link address. Go to the Remove outdated content page. In the box next to “Request removal,” paste the URL. Click Request removal.