How do I give Administrator permission in Windows XP?

How do I give Administrator permission in Windows XP?

How Do I Get Administrative Privileges on Windows XP?

  1. Right-click on My Computer.
  2. Click on Manage.
  3. Expand Local Users and Groups.
  4. Click on Groups.
  5. Double click on Administrators.
  6. Click on Add.
  7. Enter the account name on this machine that you want to assign administrative privileges to.
  8. OK your way back out.

How do I change my Windows account to Administrator?

How to Set Your Windows Account for Administrator Access

  1. Display the User Accounts window.
  2. Choose Change Your Account Type.
  3. Type the administrator’s password (for the last time) to continue.
  4. Choose Administrator.
  5. Click Change Account Type.
  6. Close the User Accounts window when you’re done.

Why can’t I change account type to Administrator?

In the CMD window, type net localgroup Administrators Your_User_Name /add and press Enter key. Replace Your_User_Name with your user account name. This will add your user account to the Administrators group; that is, this will change your account type to Administrator.

Why wont it let me change my account to Administrator?

Go back to Control Panel/User Accounts. Select Manage another account and then select the Standard account you wish to change. Select the Change Account Type option. Select the Administrator option to change the account and click the Change Account Type button.

How can I Turn my Limited User Account into an administrator?

Only a few simple steps are required to turn a limited user account into administrator. 1. Download PCLoginNow and burn it to a CD. 2. Boot up the computer with the PCLoginNow CD. 3. Click the Next button when you see the message that says “PC Login Now! is ready to start, please click NEXT to continue…” 4.

How do I change the administrator on my computer?

Restart your computer to effect the change and start using the account with the administrator privilege level. Click Start, select Control Panel and go to the User Accounts section. Click on the account you want to change and select Change the account type.

How to change administrator account name in Windows XP?

When the Accounts: Rename Administrator Account Properties dialog box appears, type a new name in the text box, and click OK. Follow these steps to rename the Administrator account in Windows XP Home: Press [Windows]R to access the Run dialog box.

Where do I enter my limited account name?

Enter your limited account name in the resulting pop up window and click next. Then, in the next menu, select the third menu. Click on the arrow to expand the menu and select Administrators (or anything similar). If your limited account name IS in the list, click on it and select Properties.