How many inches is an iPod shuffle?

How many inches is an iPod shuffle?

The iPod shuffle 2nd Gen is 1.07 inches tall, 1.62 inches wide, and 0.41 inches deep, the iPod shuffle 3rd Gen is 1.8 inches tall, 0.7 inches wide, and 0.3 inches deep, and the iPod shuffle 4th Gen is 1.14 inches tall, 1.24 inches wide and 0.34 inches deep.

How big is the iPod shuffle?

with dimensions of 45.2 mm × 17.5 mm × 7.8 mm (1.8 in × 0.7 in × 0.3 in).

How small is an iPod shuffle?

The iPod shuffle remains the lightest and smallest iPod in Apple’s line, measuring a scant 1.14 x 1.24 x 0.34 inches and weight less than half an ounce.

How big is the fourth generation iPod Shuffle?

The fourth generation features the return of clickable track and volume controls from the first two generations. The control pad is 18% larger than the second generation of iPod Shuffle, and the dimensions of the device are 29 mm × 31.6 mm × 8.7 mm (1.1 in × 1.2 in × 0.3 in) and it weighs 12.5 g (0.4 oz).

How many songs does an iPod Shuffle hold?

Apple reports that the iPod shuffle holds 120 or 240 songs in “128-Kbps AAC format” on the 512 MB and 1 GB version, respectively. It lacks a display and consequently does not support photo slideshows or video playback.

How long does the iPod Shuffle battery last?

12 Hours. Details: Apple reports that the iPod shuffle provides “up to” 12 hours of music playback. Site sponsor Other World Computing has replacement batteries that are higher capacity than the stock models as well as cases, headphones, speakers, and other accessories.

What are the buttons on the front of an iPod Shuffle?

The front of the iPod Shuffle had buttons for Play/Pause, Next Song/Fast Forward, Previous Song/Fast Reverse, and up and down volume adjustment. On the reverse, it had a battery level indicator light (activated by a button) and a three-position switch to turn the unit off or set it to play music in order or shuffled.