What Bargain Hunters Enjoy crossword clue?

What Bargain Hunters Enjoy crossword clue?

The crossword clue What bargain hunters enjoy. with 5 letters was last seen on the January 01, 1913. We think the likely answer to this clue is SALES….What Bargain Hunters Enjoy. Crossword Clue.

Rank Word Clue
95% SALES What bargain hunters enjoy.
3% HAGGLE Bargain
3% SNIP Bargain
3% PENNYWISE What bargain-hunters are.

What was the first word in a crossword?

first word in the first crossword
Like the first crossword puzzle
Creator of the first crossword

What was the first shape of a crossword puzzle in 1913?

The first “word-cross” appeared in the December 21, 1913 issue of the New York World. An illustrator later reversed the “word-cross” name to “cross-word”. Wynne’s puzzle differed from today’s crosswords in that it was diamond shaped.

Who invented crosswords?

Arthur Wynne

Arthur Wynne, a violinist-turned-journalist, created a word puzzle, called “Word-Cross”, for the paper’s “Fun” supplement. It is the ancestor of all modern crosswords, but differs from them in several ways. For one thing, it is laid out on a diamond-shaped (rather than square) grid.

What is the whole range?

a complete extent or range: “a face that expressed a gamut of emotions” the entire scale of musical notes.

What basic shape was the first?

The Question: What basic shape was the first crossword puzzle in 1913? Answer: The correct answer is Diamond.

Are crosswords popular?

Today crosswords are one of the most popular and widespread word games in the world as they have developed into a serious adult pastime. According to the Alzheimer Association, a daily dose of crossword puzzles is a great way to keep the brain active and sharp when you grow older.

When did crosswords get popular?

Wynne’s “Word-Cross” proved popular with readers, and became a regular weekly feature. At some point its name changed to “Cross-Word”—the result, according to crossword lore, of a typographical error. Other American newspapers soon copied the format, and crosswords became a national craze in the early 1920s.

What is a 3 letter word for Newt?

All Crossword-Answers for: Newt

Clue Answer Letters
Newt with 3 Letters
Newt EFT 3
Newt OLM 3
Newt with 4 Letters

How many is a range of things?

If things range between two points or range from one point to another, they vary within these points on a scale of measurement or quality. If a piece of writing or speech ranges over a group of topics, it includes all those topics. If people or things are ranged somewhere, they are arranged in a row or in lines.

What was the shape of the first crossword puzzles?

Arthur Wynne’s first crossword puzzle was initially called word-cross and was diamond-shaped.

When was the first crossword puzzle published?

December 21, 1913
The first-ever crossword puzzle ran in the New York World newspaper on December 21, 1913.