What should I not tell my military recruiter?

What should I not tell my military recruiter?

Eight things your military recruiter will never tell you

  • 1: Free housing and healthcare isn’t really.
  • 2: When you get out, the VA sucks.
  • 3: You’re not going to do all the things you saw in the commercials, and if you do, you’re gonna pay for it.
  • 3: Spoiler Alert: POGs win in the end.

What would disqualify me from joining Air Force?

There are many specific medical conditions that may disqualify you from joining the U.S. Military. These include conditions like depression, bipolar disorder, epilepsy, heart issues, Asperger’s, and PTSD.

At what age can you no longer join the Air Force?

39 years of age
To enlist, you cannot be younger than 17 (18 for GED holders) or older than 39 years of age. To join as an Officer, you cannot be younger than 18 or older than 39 years of age.

What questions do Air Force recruiters ask?

Questions You Should Ask An Air Force Recruiter

  • What’s Air Force basic training like? ( aka BMT)
  • What are my chances of becoming a pilot? ( optional)
  • Where will I be based? Can I choose where I want to go?
  • What will my living conditions be like?
  • Can I take my spouse / significant other / family if I’m deployed overseas?

    Why do army recruiters lie?

    This is a lie that recruiters tell you to get you to sign into an open or high demand field. While there are some jobs that provide you with skills you need to have a great civilian career, some jobs do not have an equivalent at all. This is something to consider when you do not plan to spend 20 year in the Military.

    What is the shortest military contract?

    The shortest enlistment to active duty is two years. There are also four and six year enlistments. But one of the things a lot of people don’t realize is that all enlistments are really eight year contracts. For example, a two year enlistment means that you will serve two years on active duty.

    Can you go to jail for lying at MEPS?

    Yes. Lying at MEPS is punishable by a $10,000 fine and 5 years in prison. They have signs and posters in multiple locations to remind applicants of that fact.

    Does anxiety disqualify you from the Air Force?

    For anxiety disorders (for example, panic disorder), a person cannot enter the armed services if they needed any inpatient care, or outpatient care for more than 12 months cumulatively. They must not have needed any treatment for their anxiety disorder in the past 36 months.

    Can I join the military at 55?

    The oldest active duty age limit for the Army is 35; for the Navy, 34; for the Marines, 29; for the Air Force, 39; and for the Coast Guard, 27.

    Is Air Force hard to get into?

    The Air Force is also one of the hardest services to join. That means, each year, some people who want to stay in the Air Force can’t, and many people who want to join the Air Force also can’t. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to join.

    Do military recruiters lie to you?

    Most recruiters are not bad, but they have quotas to meet and that pressure can lead to bending the truth or outright lying. Bottom line- do your research, read your contract and don’t fall for the 12 military recruiter lies below.

    Is it hard to get in the Air Force?

    Can a spouse or child become a USAA member?

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    What happens when you become a Level 2 USAA member?

    Once you are a Level 2 USAA Member, the following apply: Your spouse and children are eligible for USAA Membership Your spouse and children can also become Level 2 USAA members If your spouse and children become Level 2 USAA members, their spouses and children are also eligible, and on and on it goes…

    How to become a USAA member even if you aren’t in the USA?

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    Can a girl get pregnant in the Army?

    We had two girls sent home because they were. Don’t get pregnant if you are going into basic. Otherwise, you endured three weeks of hell just to be sent back home. There will be shots and yes, there are multiple ones at a time. You stand in a line and get a shot in each arm at a time.