Can a ship survive a torpedo hit?

Can a ship survive a torpedo hit?

Anyone who knows naval history knows that torpedoes are lethal to ships — just look at what they did to the liner Lusitania, the aircraft carrier USS Wasp (CV 7), and a host of other ships. Generally, this approach worked well, but it could take many direct hits to do damage enough to sink a vessel.

What happens when a torpedo misses?

Once a torpedo was out of fuel it was buoyant. Therefore any torpedo that missed its mark (which was a lot!) would become a random and deadly hazard to navigation. The easiest solution to this was to detonate the torps at the end of run when the fuel ran out.

What happens if a kaiten misses?

When a target was sighted, the Kaiten crew was briefed while their torpedoes were ventilated and their navigational gyroscope programmed. If he missed the target, the Kaiten pilot sometimes could make a second pass. He could also manually detonate the charge at a time of his choosing.

How does terminal homing work in a submarine?

Terminal Homing is the final stage of the torpedo attack. Once the torpedo has detected a valid target, it will transmit the target location, speed, depth, and course back to the submarine’s fire control system. This data will be compared with the fire control solution. Unless otherwise directed, the weapon will enter terminal homing.

How did the Navy pay tribute to the victims of HMS Royal Oak?

Royal Navy divers from the Northern Diving Group have made their annual visit to Orkney to pay respects to the lost sailors by placing a White Ensign underwater at the ship’s stern. For the first time, 835 flowers will also be scattered on the sea for each of the victims – in previous years plastic wreaths were used.

What is the Kill Box on a submarine?

The submarine’s fire control system has given the weapon digital boundaries, or a “kill box.” These boundaries are designed to prevent the weapon from attacking the firing platform or any other target outside the designated area.

How long did it take the HMS Royal Oak to sink?

The ship sank 13 minutes after being struck by a salvo of three torpedoes. Survey organiser Emily Turton said: “One area we have mapped in detail is the torpedo damage, which, due to the size, cannot be seen in its entirety underwater.