Can you live Chat on Gmail?

Can you live Chat on Gmail?

You get the same features in Chat and Chat in Gmail, but the integrated Gmail experience provides a central location to communicate with friends, family, or coworkers between emails. Gmail: Use when you like to multi-task and prefer to view all of your communications in one place.

Can you still use AIM email?

On December 15, 2017, AIM was discontinued. While AIM the instant messaging platform is no longer around, AOL’s mail service, sometimes called AIM Mail but officially called AOL Mail, is alive and well. You can login to AIM Mail here using your old AIM username or full AOL email address.

How do I use Chat feature in Gmail?

Turn Chat on or off in Gmail

  1. On your computer, open Gmail.
  2. At the top right, click Settings. View all settings.
  3. At the top, click Chat and Meet.
  4. Next to “Chat,” to turn Chat on or off in Gmail, select Google Chat or Off.
  5. Click Save Changes.

How do you Chat on AIM?

Starting Chat from AIM Open AIM and sign in to your account. Click the “Options” menu at the top of the AIM window and click “New IM…” This will open a new IM window. In the text box, enter your friend’s Gmail address. Enter your message in the text box and press the “Send” button.

How do I chat on Google Chat?

Send a message to a person:

  1. Go to Google Chat or your Gmail account.
  2. On the left, under “Chat,” click the name of the person you want to message. If you can’t find their name, click Start a chat . Enter a name or email address. Suggestions appear as you enter text.
  3. Enter a message.
  4. Click Send .

What is AIM contact?

(800) 252-2021
How can I obtain information about AIM and its services? Please contact AIM’s Customer Service Department at (800) 252-2021 to obtain general information about AIM and its services.

What is AIM in contact information?

AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) was an instant messaging and presence computer program created by AOL, which used the proprietary OSCAR instant messaging protocol and the TOC protocol to allow registered users to communicate in real time. In June 2015, AOL was acquired by Verizon Communications.

What are some of the features of Gmail?

Since then, Google has expanded the e-mail service’s features to include group chat with AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) users, Gmail for mobile devices, access to e-mail from other services like AOL or Yahoo Mail, virus scanning, spam control, shortcuts and more.

How often does Gmail check for new messages?

Gmail checks for new messages every two minutes and updates the tally. Gmail saves a “conversation” of each original message and all replies. When you open a message, the newest in the conversation is on top with the rest stacked below. To read all the messages in the conversation, click “Expand All.”

Which is the correct way to use Gmail?

­Gmail’s left panel shows new messages and folders, the middle pane shows e-mails received. Gmail basics start with learning to use e-mail — in other words, sending a message or receiving a message. After that, you’ll want to send e-mail attachments, archive messages and use Google search to find information in e-mails.

How big is the attachment size in Gmail?

Gmail also provides messaging in 40 languages and allows attachments up to 20 megabytes in size [source: Google history ]. In this HowStuffWorks article, we’ll take a closer look at these and other Gmail features. First, let’s see how easy it is to set up an account and go through Gmail sign in. …