How much is a double barrel black powder shotgun worth?

How much is a double barrel black powder shotgun worth?

DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN shotgun PRICE AND HISTORICAL VALUE A DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN shotgun is currently worth an average price of $1,064.44 new and $651.85 used . The 12 month average price is $1,260.79 new and $662.20 used.

What shotgun was used in the Wild West?

These weapons were known as “cut-down shotguns” or “messenger’s guns” from the use of such shotguns on stagecoaches by shotgun messengers in the American Wild West. They came in 10 and 12 gauge blackpowder….

Coach gun
Length 39 in. (995mm)
Barrel length 18 in. (450mm)
Caliber 10 and 12-gauge
Action Break-action

What is a percussion shotgun?

The percussion cap or percussion primer, introduced in the early 1820s, is a type of single-use percussion ignition device for muzzle loader firearm locks enabling them to fire reliably in any weather condition. Cap and ball describes cap-lock firearms discharging a single bore-diameter spherical bullet with each shot.

How is the WM Moore 12 gauge shotgun?

Back action locks marked: Wm Moore & Co. Side-lever latch. Double triggers. Checkered walnut stocks. Hard rubber buttplate. Condition: Good as refinished. Retaining approximately 60-65% of a reblued finish with scattered wear and age patina. Wood showing wear and minor marks.

What kind of shotgun was in the 1880’s?

SHOTGUN CIRCA 1880’S. REMINGTON ROLLING BLOCK INDIAN BRASS TACK DECORATED CUT-DOWN 12 GA. SHOTGUN CIRCA 1880’S. 34” o/a with 20” barrel. Worn Remington address on upper tang. Later Spanish markings on bar …Click for more info ” Super Rare” Antique Coach Gun C. 1830’s to 1840’s 45 Cal. Percussion With Original Scabbard.

Is there an antique muzzle loader for sale?

Estinne Side by side hammer black powder antique muzzle load, 16ga, 38″ Barrels! Here is a neat antique gun! Estinne muzzle loader, antique 16ga with 38″ Barrels! Neat old gun. We will trade for silver and gold. has now started collecting tax for states that mandate i …Click for more info

How big is the barrel of an antique shotgun?

Measures 4 feet overall with a 32 inch barrel. It has quite an attractive patch box. The lock pate is marked “Golcher”. it doesn’t stay cocked and needs some adjustment. Brass trigger …Click for more info $ 495. Jones, London & Birmingham.