What are the latest technologies in electronics and communication?

What are the latest technologies in electronics and communication?

With the advent of latest technological innovations, new opportunities came into existence for Electronics & Communication Engineers. The latest Technologies include self-driving cars, autonomous drone logistics, robotics, automation in industries, smart energy systems etc.

Which is the best topics for presentation?

Interesting Presentation Topics

  • Ancient Greek Heroes Modern Interpretation.
  • Antidepressants and Its Effects on Human Brain.
  • How Bad Nutrition Affects a Person’s Appearance.
  • Traces of Romanticism in Well-known English Literature.
  • Influences of Music in Mental Health.
  • How Religion and Politics Blend Within a State.

What is wireless communication PPT?

WHAT IS WIRELESS COMMUNICATION?  Transmitting/receiving voice and data using electromagnetic waves in open space.  The information from sender to receiver is carried over a well defined channel.  Each channel has a fixed frequency bandwidth & capacity(bit rate).

What is the latest technology in communication?

Artificial intelligence can make you go the distance AI relies a lot on machine learning as well. AI-based assistance (like Alexa, Siri, etc.) are the new-age business communication technology. AI communication is bound to replace at least 50 percent of human communication jobs worldwide in the coming years.

What are the latest seminar topics for electronics and Communication Engineering?

Collection of latest seminar topics for electronics and communication engineering. Download full latest seminar topics for electronics and communication engineering in doc, pdf or ppt format. Fingerprints have been accepted as the most common form of biometrics authentication today.

Which is the latest technical seminar topic for ECE?

So, to help out all the ECE students, here in this article we have provided the list of latest technical seminar topics for ECE (Electronics and Communication Engineering) students. In this way, students can choose topics as per their interest in the field of electronics and communication engineering.

Which is the best topic for technical seminar?

List of Technical Seminar Topics for ECE Students 1 Advanced Wireless Technology 2 WIMAX Technology 3 Space Solar Power 4 Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting 5 Paper Battery 6 8K High Resolution Camera System 7 Human Robot Interaction 8 Direct Current Machines 9 3-Dimensional Printing 10 Micro Electronic Pill

What is the main objective of a seminar?

The main objective of the seminar is to promote graduates to understand the current professional issues, apply the latest technologies, and come out with innovative solutions for the betterment of the nation and society.