What company makes Sako rifles?

What company makes Sako rifles?

Sako rifles and cartridges are proudly made in Finland and sold, in the United States, through a nationwide network of authorized dealers.

Who owns Sako guns?

Beretta Holding

Type Subsidiary
Headquarters Riihimäki, Finland
Products Firearms, weapon
Revenue unknown
Parent Beretta Holding

Is Sako the best rifle?

Sako rifles have always enjoyed an enviable reputation for both rugged dependability and above-average accuracy straight out of the box. Sako has always been mindful of its special reputation in this respect and no rifle ever leaves the factory before being test-fired.

What’s the value of a Sako gun before 1972?

NOTE: Arms produced by this company prior to 1972 are worth approximately 25 percent more than arms of the same type produced thereafter. Prices for fair and poor condition reflect worth of the action.

What is the value of a Sako Finnbear?

ProactiveShooters : For your Sako Finnbear, the following current Blue Book values apply. Retail prices may be 20% – 25% higher: New in box/perfect –100% $ 1100 Mint condition ——–98% $ 975 Excellent condition — 95% $ 800 Very Good+ condition — 90% $725 Very Good condition —— 80% $550 Good+ condition ————70% $475

What is the serial number of a Sako 300 WSM?

The serial number is SAKO SM 756452 300 WSM. NEED TO KNOW EXACT MODEL I am trying to identify ( for sure) a Sako Rifle. The serial… Firearms Appraiser, Firear… Various law enforcement ac… Hi, I wonder if the wooden stock from Sako 85 Bavarian would fit a Sako 85 Finnlight Model in 300 Win. Mag. Caliber. The stock and the Finnlight … read more

What’s the value of a Sako 300 Win Mag L61R?

I have a sako 300 win mag L61r finnbear rifle no.500226 and would like to put iron sights on it . there are no ramps only threaded holes . I prefer semi buck horn rear with gold bead front .Can you re…