What does a 12 volt 5 amp power supply do?

What does a 12 volt 5 amp power supply do?

A ‘volt ampere’ (not ‘volt amp’!) is the unit for theapparent power of a load in an a.c. circuit. It is simply the product of the supply voltage and the load current. Will a 12v 1.5 amp device work with 12v 3 amp replacement power supply?

Can a 2 amp adapter be used for a 12 volt adapter?

But you should be careful with that if your device supports a current of 2 Amp or not, because if not it can damage your device (since its not meant for 2 Amp).

Can a 12V 3A power adapter on 12V 1.5a device?

12V 3A means 3A is maximum current you can withdraw from that power adapter. More than 3A, the voltage will be drop to less than 12 (so your devices wont work as well), or just burn the power adapter. Less than 3A, not a single problem. So yes you can use a 12v 3A power adapter on 12v 1.5A device.

How can I tell if I need a 12 volt power supply?

Once you have confirmed that you need a 12 Volt power supply, you will need to find out how much power your device draws. This is called amperage. Next to the 12V in the specifications there will be another number followed by a capital “A” for Amps.

What is the difference in using 12 volts 2 amps adapter?

If a power source adapter has a rating of 3.7 amps 12 volts and I attach it to a device which max 1 amps will it extract only 1 amps or 3.7 amps? You leave out an important detail – the voltages. Is the power source rated for the same voltage that the device requires?

Can you use a 12V 3 a power adapter?

The adapter 12V 3 A means that it provides a fixed 12V at up to 3 A of current (that is from 0 to 3). The device 12 V 1.5 A, means that it wants a fixed 12 V and at most will use 1.5 Amps current flow when running with 12 V. Since 1.5 is less than 3 and 12 = 12 then you should be OK.

Can you use a 3 amp power supply?

Yes, there is more than enough capacity to operate a 1.5 amp device. The 3 amp power supply has the capacity to operate two 1.5 amp devices. Will 4.5 amp dc motor work with ac 12 volt 5 amp power supply?