What is SDM administration?

What is SDM administration?

A Sub-Divisional Magistrate is a title which is sometimes given to the head official of a district subdivision, an administrative officer that is sometimes below the level of district, depending on a country’s government structure. SDM is generally an officer of State Public Service Commission ranking.

Who is SDM of India?

SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate) is the first posting designation of an IAS officer selected through the UPSC Civil Services Exam. An SDM is in charge of a district sub-division. Let’s have a look at the roles and responsibilities of an SDM.

How many SDM are there in one district?

three sub
To maintain the general administration of the district there is one additional district magistrate and three sub-divisional magistrate for the assistance of district magistrate.

Who is senior DM or SDM?

DM stands for District Magistrate which is also known as District collector. A DM is an officer rank in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). SDM is promoted to the post of DM after 5 to 6 years of their service in the post of SDM.

Is SDM a Class 1 officer?

SDM stands for sub – divisional magistrate. Yes sub divisional magistrate is a class first officer.

Who is a Class 1 officer?

Group A (Gazetted), formerly called Class I, officials belong to the managerial or highest class of government employees who are placed in Level 10 and above in Pay matrices, Previously in the pay band 3 with 5400 grade pay and above in 6th CPC and Level 10 and 9 above in Pay Matrix in 7th CPC pay structure.

Does SDM get house?

The SDM enjoys benefits along with the pay. These benefits include: Residence for self and staff quarter at no cost or at a nominal rent. Security guards and domestic help like cook and gardeners.

Do IAS pay income tax?

As we all know that IAS is the most sought after job that every Indian wants. But the sad part is that only a few of them are selected as a Civil Servant. The life of an IAS Officer is class apart….IRS Salary Structure, Job Profile.

Designation Pay Scale
Principal Commissioner of Income Tax INR 75000 to INR 80000

Who is Class 2 officer?

Group B (Non-Gazetted), formerly called Class II (Non-Gazetted) examples are – Assistant Section Officers in various ministries, Stenographers Grade ‘1’, Senior Pharmacists various different Health Departments Junior Engineers in different departments of Union and State Govts, Customs / GST Inspectors, etc.

What is salary of DM?

IAS Pay Level and Posts

Pay Level (years in service) Basic Pay (INR) Post
12 (9-12 year) 78,800 District magistrate in District Administration
Joint Secretary in State Secretariat
Deputy Secretary in Central Secretariat
13 (13-16 years) 1,18,500 District magistrate in District Administration

Which is the best description of a SDM?

An SDM can be a junior member of the Indian Administrative Service or a senior member of the State Civil Services with relevant experience in subordinate positions. He has direct control over Tahsildars of his subdivision and serves as a channel of correspondence between the District Officer of the District and Tahsildars of his subdivision.

Which is the charge of a SDM in India?

SDM is generally an officer of PCS ranking. Each district is divided into tehsil. It is empowered by tax inspector, Collector magistrate. All subdivisions (tehsils) are under the charge of SDM (Sub Divisional Magistrate). In India, a sub-divisional magistrate has several executive and magisterial roles to play under Criminal Procedure Code 1973

Who is the SDM of a district or subdivision?

A district is divided into subdivisions. Each subdivision is headed by an SDM who enjoys the powers of an Executive Magistrate and Collector. He performs various magisterial tasks under Criminal Procedure Code 1973 and several other minor acts.

What does SDM stand for in civil office?

SDM stands for the Sub-Divisional Magistrate who is entitled to be Chief Civil Office r of a District’s Subdivision. An SDM is responsible for law and order in a particular subdivision. Planning, coordinating, and discharging the various responsibility of a subdivision. SDM has authority over the Tahsildar and other Government employees.