What is the difference between a 22 mag and a 22 Hornet?

What is the difference between a 22 mag and a 22 Hornet?

The Hornet load, when zeroed at 200 yards, drops 17.1 inches at 300 yards. 22 Mag load is zeroed at 100 yards it drops almost that same amount at just 200 yards. Additionally, the Hornet carries 130 more foot-pounds of energy at 200 yards than the . 22 Mag.

Who all makes a 17 Hornet?

. 17 Hornet

.17 Hornet (Ackley)
Manufacturer Hornady
Parent case .22 Hornet
Case type rimmed bottleneck

When did Savage make the 22 Hornet rifle?

The Model 43 would be manufactured from around 1949 till 1957. Savage firearms did manufacture the 340 model and the 219 model in the 22 hornet but they are not considered highly collectible firearms. They can demand good prices if in excellent shape just because of the cartridge.

What kind of rifle has a 22 Hornet round?

The 22 hornet cartridge was available in several different rifles from that era and is a great addition to any firearms collection. A true classic firearm cartridge from the golden age of firearms. The Winchester model 70 and the Winchester model 43 were available in the hornet round from the Winchester Arms Company.

What kind of ammo does a Savage Model 24 use?

All models other than the 24V Series D were only chambered in .222Rem or .30-30Win. 24V Series D was Chambered in .22 Hornet, .222Rem, .223Rem, .30-30Win,.357 Magnum, & .357 Rem Maximum Savage 2400: Made by Valmet for Savage, it featured the first Shotgun over rifle configuration in the Savage line up and the first 12 gauge.

When did Winchester stop making the 22 Hornet rifle?

When Winchester Firearms made the changes in 1963 they were still producing the 22 Hornet rifles. The 22 Hornet cartridge in the Pre War 70 are very rare and hard to find.